A whole lot of random (& repetitive) things I can’t think of a title for it

Over the last 3 weeks I’d been here, my favorite question to ask international students, mostly Chinese students, who’d been here for sometime now (at least a year) is: how did/do you adapt yourself to the American culture? The answer ranges from useful ones like “you’d have to join clubs, participate in activities with them and that is when you’ll find something mutually enjoyable for both parties. Then you’ll find it easier to talk to them.” to slightly less helpful (but might be true for them) advice like “you just do, after sometime”. One of them said something interesting about how we’d assumed that Continue reading


Feeling the “minority” in a multiracial society

I was feeling inspired in the shower, moments ago, to pen this post.

Before coming to America, Cass and I talked and she mentioned that coming here would provide a good opportunity for me to feel like a minority in a place unlike Singapore, any other Southeast Asian countries I’ve been to and of course, China. I assumed that I’d never have to experience the whole “feeling-like-a-minority” coming to UR since the non-native Asian student population here is big enough for me not to stand out among the rest… but it turns out no. Continue reading