Moving house.


So it’s my last Saturday spent in the house I’ve been living for the past 17/18 years of my life. It’s always been a mess but a exaggerated version of it is shown because of the packing.

So far, I’ve no recollection of any memory living in another place when I was born. Moving to another place is kinda sad and sort of a relief as well. The days and years spent in this house were the best yet; the most comfortable place I’d just lay in bed till afternoon during the holidays undisturbed, where I used to spend most of my time at home sitting on the coach, sipping up tea/coffee and watching teevee, and I’m… just so used to things being where they are.

My home, is probably not the best place yet to most other people, but you realize when you spend time with something, even a house, I guess, for a period of time, especially a loooong period, it eventually becomes the best. Though I do complain about the build-in bathroom shelf falling apart so easily and the water pipes bursting now & then, it’s a really cosy house, um and I’m really satisfied for the corridors outside my door steps because they don’t look like the hollow corridors we see in scary movies (besides the fact that it’s the first house and sometimes, it does scare me when people walk by when I am about to exit my house).

Yeah, that’s for it now. I am moving next week and I don’t even know I’ll be staying at but will be updating my blog now & then.


Paradise Tour first show, x :)

3 April 2013 (4 April in SG) marks the first show of Lana’s Paradise Tour, held @ La Galaxie, Amnéville in France! Sharing some videos of her performances at tour, x


1. National Anthem (my favorite live performance at the tour! Most beautiful instrumentals & the cutest Lana twerk!)


2. Summertime Sadness


3. Video Games


4. Ride


3. Carmen (she speaks alittle Spanish in some verse!)


4. Million $ Man (despite the LQ, it’s still so hauntingly beautiful)


5. Blue Velvet (another favorite ’cause it’s my first time listening to the full live version of this drop dead gorgeous cover :’) )


6. Born To Die (Lovin’ the beginning at how it appears like she’s standing by open road in the dark)


7. Nirvana’s cover of ‘Heart-Shaped Box


Of course there were more! But those were the only full rather-qualifiable quality I’d consider to share it!

The full tour setlist:

Apart from that, the Great Gatsby movie trailer was also out on this day! Alittle teaser of Lana’s “Young & Beautiful” is also featured in the trailer @ 0:22 of the trailer!

I do wish I could upload the A Cappella snippet of the song in this blog post, but it can be found here, if by any chance, anyone wants to listen to it, x 

Good news come in ~double~. Fansites are also stating that there will be a upcoming single by the end of this month! Can’t wait for it already, I don’t know what I’ll be expecting in this music video and her role in it, but it’ll definitely be another novel surprise, just like Chelsea Hotel #2.

#1. Going meatless (almost?)

What I had for my meals today:

Breakfast: Butter cookies and English Breakfast Tea.

Lunch: Beancurd Udon (consists of seaweed, udon, miso soup, beancurd SKIN, Japanese fishcake – which I thought it was mock meat until I just wiki-ed it and it turns out to be cured fish meat.) and Chrysanthemum tea.

Dinner: A couple of butter cookies, again.

At least that’s one day of going meatless (forget about the cured fish meat now). There were so many times I almost fall into this pit of meat temptations – Texas Chicken, Mcdonalds, curry puffs and… luncheon meat bread. I don’t know how long I can cope with this, but so far, I don’t think it’ll be everyday and forever YET, but I’m trying!

I kept in mind those words I said yesterday when I was about to go “Ah never mind, it’s just one more day of eating meat and tomorrow I’ll really, really start.”, during lunch and dinnertime.

Possible to go vegan?

As ironic as it sounds, there’re so many reasons I should be going vegetarian, or even just start out by eating vegan food (dairy products and probably eggs are fine, just not purely meat) for a day’s meals. Long story, short – Honestly, the main reason isn’t about getting back in shape and eating healthy, all that. I need to stop contradicting myself with my values, although it’s hard to get over temptations like… chicken nuggets especially.

I’ve missed out so many things in reality (the shaded-sort of current affairs) and the littlest things I could have done to alleviate the situation but gave up halfway through. And sometimes, it hits me hard on the face and then leaves me in extreme guilt; heavyhearted, wondering “If I had persevere in doing what I did in the past, would I be feeling this way?”. Yet, the ignorant me took a mere short time to get over the guilt and shame before getting back to her soulless life, barely any personality and holding onto any kind of values.

Again, it’s not meant to put me down, I think it could be like a reflecting platform, as cheesy as it sounds like, don’t know what to call it. It keeps me thinking, which I don’t do it most of the time in a day. So… is it possible for a (-n almost) excessive meat eater and red-meat lover to cope with vegetarian food for… 1 day?

Is it possible for a (-n almost) excessive meat eater & red-meat lover?