Starstruck Sunday

Today was an eventful day! I guess it would be considered “eventful” for me. I finished the book, titled Sweet Offerings – which is the sequel book to Bitter-Sweet Harvest which I reviewed on previously. I bought new clothes (supposedly) for the upcoming Chinese New Year – which is a tradition that the Chinese consider to symbolize a new start. The clothing isn’t all fanciful and red, it’s just an addition to the clothes I’d wear when I go out on any other common day. Today is in fact just like any other Sunday. I had my favorite Indian food with Dad and Sis. Beef jerky is always a must-have for me in Indian Rojak, complementing it with sweet and spicy peanut sauce. Besides those, I also received a message from Lana!


It makes me really happy to know that she read those messages! At one point, it feels like a starstruck moment – my heart feels full, overwhelming. She’s always quiet, quiet, quiet… and then surprise! She’s also set to release a cover of the Sleeping Beauty classic, Once Upon A Dream, for the upcoming Disney film Maleficent. This song would be novelty piece to Lana’s current range of released songs/covers – the breathy, deep voice everyone perceives her to only have. I can’t wait to listen to her version of this fairy tale classic. And how she’s gonna modulate her pitch to this song! 

Once Upon A Dream Single Artwork
Source: Hypable

Listen to it here, xx


being appreciative.

Recently, I came across a video of a girl who talks about how she isn’t proud to be a citizen of her home country and it’s only then I realized that so many of us, the young people in this country, aren’t happy (or even grateful) for what we already have.

We complain about the lack of opportunities we could have if we aren’t raised in Singapore, but is it really true that it’s ultimately impossible to achieve them even if we work hard enough? Or are we just trying to use the system as an excuse for our lack of conviction and efforts to look for those opportunities and grab hold onto them? Do we really prefer to be elsewhere, only then can we achieve our dreams? It’s sort of becoming a revolution for us to already think about migrating, to rather be a second-class citizen of another country, than to spend the rest of their lives in Singapore. While the people in other countries are migrating here to become citizens. What’s wrong with this world now?

Probably it’s true that people who have less tend to be more thankful. They cherish what they already have. All of us have demands, but they probably work for it more than they talk about it aloud. The luxury of having the means to blow it up on media. They are still more happy with what they already have than fretting over what they don’t have. Do they blame circumstances as much as we do?

What does it mean to be grateful? Is it by not speaking up on how defective the circumstances are? Or is gratitude just that warm, fuzzy feeling you get in your heart? Is it by witnessing how unfortunate others are as compared to yourself, only then you’ll feel grateful?

It’s half-past three, my eyes are burning – explains why this post ended abruptly.

Extending My Limbs

We can only hope that our words and the pieces of ourselves that scream through them have enough power to shake… To make them understand something they didn’t understand before or something they understood but couldn’t accept as truth.”

A wonderfully-written write-up on writing in general.

My Glass Bottle.

We write as a way to extend our limbs. We use our words to reach out further than we ever could without them. We scrunch them together with pieces of ourselves, shove them in a glass bottle and throw them across the sea, unsure if anyone will ever pick up what we have given to the world. We can only hope that maybe one person, squishing their toes into the sand, seven million miles away, will look up from their own world and stumble upon us smiling up at them from the glass bottle washed up on shore. We can only hope that a person might open the bottle, wishing to discover something of value. We can only hope then, that they would find value. We can only hope that our words and the pieces of ourselves that scream through them have enough power to shake. To make a person…

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Zero to Hero: Day 3

Thought I should start the new year by making an experimental move on a big writing challenge. This is my attempt to write up on the third day’s assignment to start off the Zero to Hero challenge! The first two assignments are pretty much summarized in my About page.


Today’s assignment: write the post that was on your mind when you decided to start a blog.

I’ve had this blog for slightly more than one and a half years now (September ’12). But I only consider myself  to have started blogging consistently early last year when I was having my internship.

I didn’t have a positive outlook when I first decided to blog. It was more of getting the negative thoughts out of my mind and the only way was to write about it – sieve the thoughts through words and hoping that the negativity will eventually waft away on its own over time. There was is no use talking to anybody about how you feel about yourself. The kind of advice you read in self-help books and Google only makes you feel even worst off when they only work on the people who face similar self-esteem problems as you do, but just not on you.

The spur moments that got me writing happen only when I feel sad or frustrated about myself. Putting down my thoughts in black and white allows me to become aware of my problems. They don’t scare me as much as before the next time I face them because I know that they’re already there, for the longest time I can remember when I blogged about it. It just takes time to overcome those, a long while. Music and writing got me past that phase. Presently, I feel differently about blogging, compared first time I blogged. The more I blog, the more I feel like a writer. The imaginary bubble that sustains my self-worth. Blogging is the closest thing I can do to feel like one, apart from writing letters. It feels nice to write even when I am clear that I can’t write as well as the other bloggers I’ve followed here.

Words and language are the most amazing inventions which ever came into this world. We read them in books and indulge in the lives of others – which we, or just myself, will probably never be able to experience them in real-life. Sometimes, we don’t prefer to be ourselves. We just want to stay in the shoes of others and live their lives, experience what it feels like to have their courage and dignity. The brilliance of the writers to craft art out of his only tool: words. We pen them down on paper and they could express so much more than what one’s lips can say.

Cat Cafe Experience

Photo Courtesy of: Neko no Niwa website

This morning, I visited the first cat cafe in Singapore, with a cat lover friend of mine. Supposedly about a year ago, I never did expect there’ll be any presence of cat cafes around the place anytime soon and they finally did see a profit-making opportunity in this craze which is gonna be there for a long time!

I first learnt about the cat cafe craze while Katy Perry was on tour (video) about three years ago. If I opened a cat cafe… it will be themed with the concept of California Dreams tour – cupcakes, cotton candy, gummy bears, lollipops, whip cream. With “Coffee, Cookies and Kittens” as the slogan.

“…sip tea and pet kitties, basically heaven.”
Photo Courtesy of:

My experience at the cat cafe with my friend is like fans meeting their idol. Continue reading