Tonight I just want to write something.

It’s 3 in the morning. Tonight, I watched Saw and grabbed some Chicken McNuggets after the heart-throbbing session. Tonight, I’m not burning the midnight oil to revise for Math or to rush through the “ticking” assignments (clasping my hands infront of the PC screen, “Come on turnitin, generate the index, quick!”). Tonight, I’ll get some temporary relief from the worst case of writer’s block trying to generate original and fresh content for reports. Tonight, marks the beginning of recess week! And that means half of the semester is over!

I’ve been in (and probably is still experiencing) a state of culture shock for the longest time that I can remember going to a new school. I like what I’m studying but I don’t know whether I’m juggling well with the assignments and exams part. Learning has been fun but participating in class is still an awful struggle. I’m still trying to adapt but it’s not so much about trying to fit in because it’s just really hard for now. Close friends in university seems far from attainable for now but there’re definitely nice people whom you’ll get to talk to for awhile before all of us move on.

I hope to do what I’ve always wanted to do as a student, like, an overseas internship. But the part about relinquishing your allowance and probably getting a bank loan for the expenses is always the problem. Or maybe a community service project. I don’t know what has got into me but I’ve put forward my savings to go for one later this December. Community service… I’ve got a bit to share about it, so till the next post!