I am a 22 year old Singaporean student, in my junior year majoring in Sociology and Public Policy.

reyoflight is a platform for me to better express myself through writing. I don’t write extraordinary well, but it always makes me feel so much better after I pen down my thoughts. I write about anything – music, books, films and most of the time, petty rants about my life.

I’m not a very expressive person among people. I don’t do that very well verbally – words get jumbled up in my speech most of the time. Little am I known for being a person with an opinion to share. It makes me happy to be able to put my bottled-up thoughts down to words. I write about things I hope and I want to do. I want to know what I stand for in each passing event ; whether it’s concerning myself or the world around me, and remember them when I move on to the next phase of my life.

Whenever I’m writing, it feels as if I’m getting my shoulder angels out! Except that the devil’s side would have been the one telling me to be more assertive. Now we call them our “inner voices” – the one’s guiding me to write. Just let me get all the overwhelming thoughts I have in my mind written down ; post after post I publish, let them be a reminder for me to forget my fears and bring me one step closer to be someone I’m (humbly) proud of.

I yearned to be an writer when I was a kid. I remember scribbling make-believe folktales in a notebook. It’s nice to be able to do what you love, but being good at something you love to do and getting acknowledged for your ability is a whole different thing. I’m aware I don’t write exceptionally well – it tends to always be the grammar and my sentence structures. I have a limited range of vocabulary as well and I’m hoping to learn more words and idioms I could use!

Always welcoming any words of advice for improvement / change! x Thanks for reading!


3 thoughts on “About

  1. I understand, because I also have something in me that forces me to write. In my case my importance dimmed when I retired from school teaching. People use to take my advise, or at least listen to it, and then after retirement, nothing. All of a sudden I was relegated to the back of the room. I did not like that feeling and so I blog. I am glad that you have read my material and found it useful. If it put a smile on your face, a dime in your pocket or just made life a tad better I accomplished much. That in turn pleases me. Thank you, and for rebloging me Thank You again. Sincerely, Barry


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