Daily Prompt: Ready for Your Close-up

Daily Prompt postCast the movie of your life.

I am a fan of movies and if I was given an opportunity to write a script for the movie of my life, I’d cast one which shows one’s breakthrough in life!

It’s like one of those movies where the main character pops up in the first scene of the film labelled as the loser of the class. It wasn’t just that label which matters because it boils down to how she sees herself on the interior than what others say about her exterior. She clearly realizes that if she’s not gonna do anything about that nasty talk and remains submissive to them, it’ll go on and on and it will affect her as time goes on (and it did). It’s not possible to turn a deaf ear to the talks people are making! You eventually slowly believe what others are saying about you when you do nothing at all to those remarks as much as you want to resist and believe that time will make it go away.

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The Vacation.

I went to work today in the Pharmacy for the position. I wanted to try something different and this was the position I applied for, as an Assistant at the backend of it. It has been a hectic day and really, it’s been a long time ever since I felt this tired. It’s physically and mentally-draining but nevertheless, the job gets alittle easier and much better the more & the longer you do it.

The kickstart to this holiday term is definitely the trip to Universal Studio Singapore (USS) with the best people whom I’m thankful to have know them! From the first day of our Freshman Orientation, to choosing the common specialization whilst keeping in contact with the others, then to graduating. It won’t be all that fun without them! And Far Far Away is a paradise!

Shrek (and it’s sequels) is like the best fairy tale movie. The visuals are so surreal and beautiful; it’s just different from the effects used on other cartoons / animated films like Rapunzel, even in 3D.

The traits and actions of the characters are easily – relateable and Shrek & Fiona are like the model couple of all the other fairytales! Their relationship crudely spits the practical problems faced by modern day’s couples. For instance, a scene in one of the sequels showed how Shrek was having nightmares of taking care of babies after Fiona mentioned to him about having one on their own.

The film(s) showed the aftermath of the “happily ever after” – not merely closing the plot with 2 ogres and 1 donkey living happily ever after forever. Critics described the film “… as an animated film worthy of adult interest, with many adult-oriented jokes and themes but a simple enough plot and humor to appeal to children“. Like the best of both worlds, that’s why I love it!

That’s the critique part on the movie. But Far Far Away is certainly my favorite place in USS! It’s a gorgeous wonderland – the front gates and castle-like building, the crown-shaped fountain.

The details are amazing – they had this Fairy Godmother billboard on top of a building, which was exactly as how I remember that the movie had it as well! They had shops lined up at the side and palm trees along middle of the road which was depicted like the town of Lord Farquaad’s kingdom; where Shrek rode on Donkey along those roads into the palace.

Even though heat was intensely concentrated on that area in the entire theme park and the sun rays would make your eyes squint so much, I will not mind it at all to stay alittle longer to explore the beautiful sculptures there if time permits!

It’s been 7 years since I visited the last theme park which has already shut down its premises. Visiting a theme park again, especially this theme park, is just unreal.

Food for thought: Working @ the Mental Institute

Yesterday, when I went for one of my job interviews to look for a part-time position as an assistant in any of the related clinical / healthcare / medical field, I was asked whether I was willing to work in IMH – a mental institute in Singapore. I said I was OK with it and it didn’t matter to me.

I’ve considered this question, about a year ago, because my interest lies in the social work – medical related field, which is why I opted for this position despite being asked by the interviewer why I chose to send my resume in to become a clinical assistant than a business admin job when I’m concurrently taking a Business course. But I know I’m not the only one who picked a course I was in doubt whether I had an interest in (but I know I wasn’t cut out for it & the field of study is certainly not an industry I can thrive any longer in).

I’ve wondered how was it like to work in an environment? We say it’s OK but does it not matter to anyone of you who say that? I googled about this and read about an article here, titled “Volunteer Work at State Mental Hospital: What It’s Like”

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The Rat Race


Did you ever think you are running in a rat race?

From the moment you wake up it’s so fast paced.

You go from one thing to another lickety split,

How can you be so out of shape, so… unfit.

Even at lunch you eat in gulps, slogging the food down in bites,

Thinking only of getting back to the grind and the daily fights.

Then back to the beat of hurry up and go fast,

The seconds are working away as the day will not last.

Then the work at the office is over and you think you are done,

You first have to get home, cook the supper and then maybe fun?

You sit like a lump in front of a giant screen television set,

Watching show after show, and to the frig, a beer to fetch.

Then its off to bed, brain dead , your body so…

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First half of Final Year!

It’s another half year more to go before graduation! Today marks the end of the first semester of Final Year! It’s not all good news when the thought of further education keeps popping up in my head these days and it makes me feel more scared and worried, rather than excited. Maybe I forgot that was how I felt when I was taking my O levels 3 years back.

I’ve talked about going to the next level in a couple of my previous blog posts and I just can’t help not to mention it at all because it’s constantly ringing in my head. But there’s nothing I can do even if I’m worried – because now, I’ll have to wait and work hard, not for long before the verdict’s out. And this time is different because you know it’s the last baton you’re reaching out for in a Relay Race before you go for one more final round and this race ends.

Nah, it’s probably an endless race. The least perkiest moments of your life await you after you finish this ‘education’ race and you start to become like everyone else – “it’s GroundHog Day for you every day!” and the looks on the faces of Office-Goers in the Morning & after-work trains. No wait, maybe I shouldn’t probe about this because nobody feels perked up at all at 8AM in the morning.

Day after day, you wonder where did those days go. You thought you lost those days.

But the routine life isn’t that bad when you come to think of the things do every day that’s contributing back to anyone and anything at all. Like whether it’s the Economy, Technology, Research, someone / animal who needs help. I don’t know if contributing to the Economy makes anyone exceptionally happy, excluding the money makers, but I think it does when it explains the high standard of living we have it here. But back to the point, you feel happy & at worth because your existence justifies for an impact, even a little one.

You haven’t really lost those ‘days’ – maybe losing those days to yourself, but definitely not losing those to other things which you contributed fair share in.

My hopes are just to be able to commit to that sort of thinking – especially when I think about “what am I doing with my life?” in the train when I go to work every Morning.

Meanwhile, during this 2-months vacation, I just hope to get a part-time job to pass time, save up and preferably learn something, x

Daily Prompt: Ballerina Fireman Astronaut Movie Star

Daily Prompt postWhen you were 10, what did you want to be when you grew up? What are you? Are the two connected?

When I was 10, I remembered I’ve wanted to become a Doctor. It was a “nice to be” occupation – minus the parts on getting a degree in that, coming to terms with the different prescriptions, the legal trouble you’ll get into prescribing the wrong medicine and probably experiencing some form of ethical dilemma at points of your career.

Back then, I guess none of us really go through all that thinking but later we come to learn about alot more things and realize our limitations to achieving this sort of dreams. When I was young, I’ve wanted to be everything I can be – in particular; a detective, a writer, a news anchor, variety show host and an astronaut.

Anything was possible at that age. Those were really, really interesting and self-fulfilling jobs. And you get older and you start making decisions, really big ones I feel – whether it’s on your own or influenced by others, and these decisions may not necessarily be advantageously tuned towards the dreams you’ve had.

What am I? I’m nowhere near to achieving that dream I had when I was 10 – like I’d never thought I’ll be studying Business in Polytechnic and I’ve said that when I was in my freshman year and I’m finishing the remaining half of my final year of study. I don’t mean I’ve regretted anything since my first year of study. Initially, I thought I lost a big part of what I wanted and what I can do in the future when I got in here, but it’s not the case when by the end of it, you realize you gained more than what you lost at the first place when you thought you’ve made the wrong decision, but you haven’t. Things would turn out different if I made the other decision.

It’s hard to imagine myself doing a prosperous business in the future and dealing confidently with business people but there are things I’d never, ever thought I could do – like presenting, which was something I fear most, but I had to because of the nature of this course. I still get heart-dropped feelings, chapped lips and chattering teeth so close to getting a panic attack before my presentations. And even during my presentations, I can always sense jitters in my voice, but the courage to do so had to be forced out of me for that 15 minutes.

I don’t have the same dreams I had when I was 10, different dreams now. Some of our dreams get dashed when we grow up but the really nice thing about the process of growing up is that when you come to terms with reality, you have dreams that start to adjust to how realistic it’ll be to achieving it.

Daily Prompt: A House Divided

Daily Prompt postPick a divisive issue currently in the news. Write a two-part post in which you take on two personas and approach the topic from both sides.

Recently, I’ve been watching a number of PETA videos on YouTube and watching more of those intrigues you to start doing something about the situation, but you don’t know how you’re gonna start doing it. Like a few months ago, I was talking about how I wanted to go vegan and blogged an entry about my first attempt eating like a vegan for a day, then I stopped eating like a vegan from then on.

Persona A: I used to think there was nothing wrong with eating meat (although my opinion has changed, I still do consume a considerable amount of meat every day in my meals). I used to believe doing one’s part for the Planet – specifically Global Warming & Climate Change has nothing to do with whether we’re eating meat or not though I’ve heard about how the meat we eat everyday indirectly causes more greenhouse gas emissions.

A couple of years ago when I was like 14/15, I used to think I put in my utmost efforts into doing my part for the Planet and that was it; which probably I could have done more and I do want to do more when I grow older but the commitment started to deplete even though it was never expected. What I did wasn’t anything extraordinary as compared to the true environment enthusiasts of my age at that point of time.

I segregated the recyclable items from the trash whenever I’m about to dispose something and accumulated it in a bag, then brought out the bag of recyclable items in the morning of the date when someone in the Town Council will come and collect it, once every 2 weeks or a month. When I was a kid, I was proud of myself when I kept to a simple promise not to use the heater in shower for days and it got on my nerves when someone left the lights or the heater on after they’ve finished using it.

I was happy doing it because I feel my worth. Come to think about it, that was the only thing I felt proud of myself in the past because I wasn’t really good at anything back then.

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