End of Paradise Tour!

16 June 2013 marks the end of Paradise Tour in Helsinki, Finland!

Time do pass really quickly, since the time I posted about Lana’s very first show on Tour in France! It’s been 2 months; even though most tours last for about a year or at least half a year, it’s afterall the first tour she has had!

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Movie Review: Pee Mak

Pee Mak (2013)

Language: Thai

Genre: A mix of romance, horror and comedy

Rating: PG13

Length: 1 hour 52 minutes

Director: Banjong Pisanthanakun

Cast: Mario Maurer, Davika Hoorne, Nattapong Chadpong, Wiwat Kongrasri, Kantapat Seeda, Pongsatorn Jongwilak

Movie Poster

Short description of the plot

The movie is an adaption of a Thai folklore: Mae Nak Phra Khanong.

The story takes place during the ruling of the Rattanakosin Kingdom, where Mak (Mario Maurer) becomes a soldier and has to leave his pregnant wife Nak (Davika Hoorne) at home in Phra Khanong. During the war, he meets four soldiers who became his best friends. Meanwhile, his wife, Nak, was undergoing childbirth and struggles to give birth to their baby alone.

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