Destress to a good song

This time of the semester, we’re plagued with the individual projects and a couple of tests we’ll all try to do our best even though the impact of these assignment is minimal, until what comes afterwards we’re alittle less motivated to invest the same level of effort and may be less conscientious by then.

I tried to deter myself away from blogging because it takes me unusually long to write a daily prompt, or a simple post like this, but I’m more or less done with the work I intended to do so it’s likely reasonable to take a time allowance here to… share a song!

Somewhere Only We Know‘ -Lily Allen (cover)


Daily Prompt: A Bird, a Plane, You!

Daily Prompt posts: You get to choose one superpower. Pick one of these, and explain your choice:

  • the ability to speak and understand any language
  • the ability to travel through time
  • the ability to make any two people agree with each other

I think I’ll pick the first one ; the ability to speak and understand any language. It’s already in my long due to-do list. I was hoping to learn one language at a time, starting with the local languages, then proceeding to the ones I’ve always wanted to learn for no reasons – like French because it’s always been perceived as a beautiful language and I like listening to how the French talk and looking at their lips when they speak. Ah that’s the only quirkiest reason why I’d want to learn a new language!

Learning a new language would be more difficult than Math. I tried to learn Malay language by borrowing books from the Library and watching tutorials on YouTube, ‘apa khabar?’ is the only phrase still fresh in my memory. This, I’m certain that the commitment wasn’t enough. I’ve tried to pick up French with books, purely with that. It was OK to spell out the words, but not the accents and the pronun-cee-asion – only to learn that each and every word in French has its own unique pronunciation, uniquely for that word. This was the major problem I experienced when I took up a French language module in school. Unlike the English languages, different words can have the same pronunciation, e.g. to, two, and too.  But given a choice between Math and picking up a new language, I’d still rather learn a new language from scratch, than to do Math. Even if I don’t perform well in that, it’s still far more enjoyable than dealing with algebra and numbers.

I had consider the second option of travelling through time – back to the past and to the future, but to think about the movie I recently watched, About Time ; a movie I didn’t enjoy because it made me feel really tiresome while I was watching the movie which lasted for 2 hours. As tiresome as the lead character while he was travelling back and forth in time, repeating those scenes he’d have avoided mistakes, or certain tragedies from happening, and some moments where he’d perfect it to make it memorable for his love.

If that is a temporary superpower that will go away after awhile, it’d be nice to be able to relive the moments you treasure and undo the mistakes. But I’d not want that kind of ability living in my blood for the rest of my life because I’d likely misuse it and lose control over that ability.

Daily Prompt: Inside the Actor’s Studio

Daily Prompt posts: On the interview show Inside the Actors’ Studio, host James Lipton asks each of his guests the same ten questions. What are your responses?

1. What is your favorite word?

The word ‘Paradise‘ came to me. A hell-colored flame sky. I first came across this figure of speech in the lyrics of two songs.

Velvet Crowbar by Lana Del Rey:

“Flame colored paradise for you darling,
but death doesn’t come with a warning.”

Angels Forever by Lana Del Rey:

“Paradise is a hell-colored flame sky.

Those lyrics have become my favorite ever since I heard them – especially those lyrics for ‘Velvet Crowbar‘. The literal illustration of Heaven is not too unconvincing. Heaven does look flamed when you’re looking up the sky from Earth.

Later, I found that the phrase originated from Nabokov’s novel, Lolita ; “… a paradise whose skies were the color of hell-flames – but still a paradise.”

Paradise – a heaven of temptations.

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Weekly Writing Challenge: Moved by Music

This is my first attempt on this week’s writing challenge. Music. In my playlist, there’s a range of genres – from the modern pop, dance, rock music, to indie rock & pop, then back to the old 50’s and 60’s music with Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, and recently now, Woodkid’s Baroque Pop music. It’s always that number of the same musicians in my playlist – I hardly get any new music in my playlist, apart from new music coming from them or the oldies I will chance upon – on the radio, a memory trigger or somewhere on Worldwide Web.

I like to say good music makes me happy and it probably has the same effect on most people. I like to tap my fingers and feet (maybe just wiggling toes inside the shoes if the action of tapping feet on a hard surface seems to distract people) to music that makes me just want to get up and dance – but… if only I could do awkward dancing as cute as they two.

Nick & Jess ‘awkward dancing’ in the loft – on New Girl

I can go on talking about the music that appeals to my liking, so many songs I love. Not that I can feel most of the composers / singers who have penned the lyrics from their experiences and sung the words with their feelings. The instrumentals and the tune captivates my interest first before anything else does. Then the voice of the singer’s before the lyrics appeal to me.

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Book Review: Peony in Love

It’s a wrap for another Lisa See’s novel ; titled Peony in Love! When I was reading this novel, there were occasional times when I was taken aback by the different excerpts in the story.

The story started with a 16 year old Chinese girl, named Peony, who was looking forward to a play production staged by her father, The Peony Pavilion, which happens to be her all-time favorite opera.

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Daily Prompt: Eat, Drink, and Be Merry… | End of the World in Thanksgiving style

Daily Prompt posts: …for tomorrow we die. The world is ending tomorrow! Tell us about your last dinner — the food, your dining companions, the setting, the conversation.

I’d have McDonald’s. It’s an option I will try to avoid during lunch time every other school day, for I don’t want to die from having too much of it. But unavoidably, I will still have it at least once a week now. I’ll have my favorite chicken nuggets, maybe 20 pieces of it! – today, I will not listen to anyone reminding me of whatever these chicken nuggets are made of. Then I’d have some fried chicken. Just like what Minny Jackson in The Help movie has said, “Fried Chicken just tend to make you feel better about life.”

I’d not want to miss having a word with anyone who has been a part of my life, and sharing my food with them. I don’t usually favor parties, but maybe an ‘End of the World Party’ will be helpful in this situation now.  Continue reading