Thank You notes

I haven’t been writing lately but I want to be writing something today, like thank you notes.

Thank You Recruit Express for providing me with an opportunity to work with you guys. Although you’re not always known to have a good reputation among the people you match (or failed to match) jobs to, you’ve taught me so much more than any internships or vacation jobs I’ve ever had so far. I was never an ‘I’ (which stands for ‘influencing’) to begin with when I was presented the DISC Test to do as to find out where I stand, in terms of personality. Whatever the circumstances were back then, I’m convinced that my ‘I’ factor has definitely improved since I worked there (at least I have witnessed that of myself). One thing I know for sure now, I’ve overcome my telephone phobia. Or is this even a phobia? This sort of thing may sound like crap made up by people like me who insists on believing that answering calls on the job is pretty much an achievement. But anyway, occasionally, I do get angry receivers raving at me over the other line. So, really thank you to the people who had the patience to hear me out over the phone even though I tend to sound like I’m fidgeting most of the time, or that I may forget my manners sometimes.

Especially, thank god for the mentor I’m granted with and blessed with an environment where encouragement is more prominently seen in the team as compared to pressure. They have shared with me lots of advice about school and the labor market in general, which are stuff I’d like to know. I’ve grown love HR more, more than just studying it and I’d love to explore the function as a career prospect!

Thank You for the friends I’ve met along the way. I’m not sure whether we’ll still keep in contact but it has been a joy to spend time with some of you during lunch breaks and after work. I always found it difficult to fit in among people and it’s especially more difficult to do so in a group. Thank you for being open and accepting of everyone being part of the group (I don’t mean just myself). To end off this thank you note to this company whom I’ve worked and learnt from for approx. 4 months, it’s clearly I still gotta admit to my fair share of complaining with the other temps about the workload and of course, where $ is always a concern to many.

Thank You SMU for placing a bet of a chance on me, I mean it in a positive way. I know the admission interview didn’t went well – I wasn’t responsive and my train of thoughts ended up in a sidetrack (which I wrote about it here). Another thing – I’m aware of the dynamic student life here, taking initiatives, speaking up and more speaking up in seminars with more than a class-size of people, or not you’re out of the game. These things intimidate me abit. I have been an idle student for all the years of education I’ve underwent. Now I have mixed feelings about the change. No, I don’t reject the idea to experiment everything while I can, while my obligations now are only school assignments and exams.

We’ll revisit this post again 4 years after. You don’t need a decade’s time to see how much an individual has changed. All it takes is only a couple of years to shape an individual’s character. The system we’re exposed to, the environment where we’ll thrive (or retrogress) in and the people we’ll rub shoulders with. But I can’t waste that chance! I’ll need to put myself out there and keep an open mind about things I have always wanted to do but haven’t done so, like maybe getting an internship opportunity overseas, and be open to meeting all kinds of people beyond the usual ones I’m accustomed to talking to.