Swampy smell of early mornings

The strongest scent memory I have is the swampy smell of the early morning mist. You don’t get the scent at 9AM or later in the morning. Swampy smell doesn’t come from just rainy nights, even during nights when the air is warm and still. Perhaps I’ve been staying in areas where the greens are fertile in the vicinity, that is why this scent never seem to leave me at all.

I wouldn’t call it a comforting or even pleasant sort of smell. It is strangely familiar because Continue reading


My thoughts on ‘And Then There Were None’

And Then There Were None written by Agatha Christie is the first mystery novel I’d read this year or possibly for almost half a decade. An online pal recommended this book and I reserved it for collection in the local library. I’d usually spend a few weeks to complete reading a novel but for this one, I started it last weekend and finished it last night!

10 characters are lured to Soldier Island by a fella named U.N. Owen. Note that these 10 characters are strangers to each other; they’re from various backgrounds and they’re lured into the island with different reasons. Continue reading