The rooster’s crow sounded in my ears the first morning I woke in Vietnam. 6:28/29AM. It reverberated on like an alarm with an erred snooze button. As if it came from the room opposite of ours; the sound coming from a smart device rather than a real rooster I didn’t get to spot from my room’s window view. In the subsequent mornings when I assumed I could rise to these sounds that are finely-tuned so naturally at 6:30 dawn time, Continue reading


Book Review: Bitter-Sweet Harvest

This is one of the few books that I will not regret picking it randomly; on the basis of its title, book cover which intrigued me, also knowing that a fellow Southeast Asian wrote this, then buying it at a Book Fair. In a typical book fair like this where there is barely any classification for various fictional books – ranging from mythical fantasies, vampire tales to classic literature and then to novels of family, relationships and love; finding the book that is to your preference and that one book you know it’d be a worthy buy (even though it’s less than $10 per book) is like looking for a needle in a haystack.  Bitter-Sweet Harvest is definitely that needle.

This book is a sequel to the novel Sweet Offerings but it claims that “the stories can be read in any any order and are complete in themselves”. From the synopsis of Sweet Offerings, these two stories certainly evolve in the same family of two different generations. 

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