Daily Prompt: A House Divided

Daily Prompt postPick a divisive issue currently in the news. Write a two-part post in which you take on two personas and approach the topic from both sides.

Recently, I’ve been watching a number of PETA videos on YouTube and watching more of those intrigues you to start doing something about the situation, but you don’t know how you’re gonna start doing it. Like a few months ago, I was talking about how I wanted to go vegan and blogged an entry about my first attempt eating like a vegan for a day, then I stopped eating like a vegan from then on.

Persona A: I used to think there was nothing wrong with eating meat (although my opinion has changed, I still do consume a considerable amount of meat every day in my meals). I used to believe doing one’s part for the Planet – specifically Global Warming & Climate Change has nothing to do with whether we’re eating meat or not though I’ve heard about how the meat we eat everyday indirectly causes more greenhouse gas emissions.

A couple of years ago when I was like 14/15, I used to think I put in my utmost efforts into doing my part for the Planet and that was it; which probably I could have done more and I do want to do more when I grow older but the commitment started to deplete even though it was never expected. What I did wasn’t anything extraordinary as compared to the true environment enthusiasts of my age at that point of time.

I segregated the recyclable items from the trash whenever I’m about to dispose something and accumulated it in a bag, then brought out the bag of recyclable items in the morning of the date when someone in the Town Council will come and collect it, once every 2 weeks or a month. When I was a kid, I was proud of myself when I kept to a simple promise not to use the heater in shower for days and it got on my nerves when someone left the lights or the heater on after they’ve finished using it.

I was happy doing it because I feel my worth. Come to think about it, that was the only thing I felt proud of myself in the past because I wasn’t really good at anything back then.

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