Weekly Writing Challenge: Moved by Music

This is my first attempt on this week’s writing challenge. Music. In my playlist, there’s a range of genres – from the modern pop, dance, rock music, to indie rock & pop, then back to the old 50’s and 60’s music with Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, and recently now, Woodkid’s Baroque Pop music. It’s always that number of the same musicians in my playlist – I hardly get any new music in my playlist, apart from new music coming from them or the oldies I will chance upon – on the radio, a memory trigger or somewhere on Worldwide Web.

I like to say good music makes me happy and it probably has the same effect on most people. I like to tap my fingers and feet (maybe just wiggling toes inside the shoes if the action of tapping feet on a hard surface seems to distract people) to music that makes me just want to get up and dance – but… if only I could do awkward dancing as cute as they two.

Nick & Jess ‘awkward dancing’ in the loft – on New Girl

I can go on talking about the music that appeals to my liking, so many songs I love. Not that I can feel most of the composers / singers who have penned the lyrics from their experiences and sung the words with their feelings. The instrumentals and the tune captivates my interest first before anything else does. Then the voice of the singer’s before the lyrics appeal to me.

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Black Beauty.

I paint my nails black,
I dye my hair a darker shade of brown,
Cause you like your women Spanish, dark, strong and proud.

I paint the sky black.
You said if you could have your way,
You’d make a nighttime world today,
So it’d suit the mood of your soul.

Oh, what can I do?
Nothing, my sparrow blue.

Oh, what can I do?
Life is beautiful,
But you don’t have a clue.
Sun and ocean blue,
Their magnificence, it don’t make sense to you.
Black beauty, oh.
Black beauty, oh.

I paint the house black,
My wedding dress black leather too.
You have no room for light,
Love is lost on you.

I keep my lips red,
The same like cherries in the spring.
Darling you can’t let everything,
Seem so dark blue.

But oh, what can I do?
To turn you on,
Or get through you?

[Chorus] x2