being appreciative.

Recently, I came across a video of a girl who talks about how she isn’t proud to be a citizen of her home country and it’s only then I realized that so many of us, the young people in this country, aren’t happy (or even grateful) for what we already have.

We complain about the lack of opportunities we could have if we aren’t raised in Singapore, but is it really true that it’s ultimately impossible to achieve them even if we work hard enough? Or are we just trying to use the system as an excuse for our lack of conviction and efforts to look for those opportunities and grab hold onto them? Do we really prefer to be elsewhere, only then can we achieve our dreams? It’s sort of becoming a revolution for us to already think about migrating, to rather be a second-class citizen of another country, than to spend the rest of their lives in Singapore. While the people in other countries are migrating here to become citizens. What’s wrong with this world now?

Probably it’s true that people who have less tend to be more thankful. They cherish what they already have. All of us have demands, but they probably work for it more than they talk about it aloud. The luxury of having the means to blow it up on media. They are still more happy with what they already have than fretting over what they don’t have. Do they blame circumstances as much as we do?

What does it mean to be grateful? Is it by not speaking up on how defective the circumstances are? Or is gratitude just that warm, fuzzy feeling you get in your heart? Is it by witnessing how unfortunate others are as compared to yourself, only then you’ll feel grateful?

It’s half-past three, my eyes are burning – explains why this post ended abruptly.