The rooster’s crow sounded in my ears the first morning I woke in Vietnam. 6:28/29AM. It reverberated on like an alarm with an erred snooze button. As if it came from the room opposite of ours; the sound coming from a smart device rather than a real rooster I didn’t get to spot from my room’s window view. In the subsequent mornings when I assumed I could rise to these sounds that are finely-tuned so naturally at 6:30 dawn time, Continue reading


Food for thought: Working @ the Mental Institute

Yesterday, when I went for one of my job interviews to look for a part-time position as an assistant in any of the related clinical / healthcare / medical field, I was asked whether I was willing to work in IMH – a mental institute in Singapore. I said I was OK with it and it didn’t matter to me.

I’ve considered this question, about a year ago, because my interest lies in the social work – medical related field, which is why I opted for this position despite being asked by the interviewer why I chose to send my resume in to become a clinical assistant than a business admin job when I’m concurrently taking a Business course. But I know I’m not the only one who picked a course I was in doubt whether I had an interest in (but I know I wasn’t cut out for it & the field of study is certainly not an industry I can thrive any longer in).

I’ve wondered how was it like to work in an environment? We say it’s OK but does it not matter to anyone of you who say that? I googled about this and read about an article here, titled “Volunteer Work at State Mental Hospital: What It’s Like”

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