Starstruck Sunday

Today was an eventful day! I guess it would be considered “eventful” for me. I finished the book, titled Sweet Offerings – which is the sequel book to Bitter-Sweet Harvest which I reviewed on previously. I bought new clothes (supposedly) for the upcoming Chinese New Year – which is a tradition that the Chinese consider to symbolize a new start. The clothing isn’t all fanciful and red, it’s just an addition to the clothes I’d wear when I go out on any other common day. Today is in fact just like any other Sunday. I had my favorite Indian food with Dad and Sis. Beef jerky is always a must-have for me in Indian Rojak, complementing it with sweet and spicy peanut sauce. Besides those, I also received a message from Lana!


It makes me really happy to know that she read those messages! At one point, it feels like a starstruck moment – my heart feels full, overwhelming. She’s always quiet, quiet, quiet… and then surprise! She’s also set to release a cover of the Sleeping Beauty classic, Once Upon A Dream, for the upcoming Disney film Maleficent. This song would be novelty piece to Lana’s current range of released songs/covers – the breathy, deep voice everyone perceives her to only have. I can’t wait to listen to her version of this fairy tale classic. And how she’s gonna modulate her pitch to this song! 

Once Upon A Dream Single Artwork
Source: Hypable

Listen to it here, xx