Zero to Hero: Day 3

Thought I should start the new year by making an experimental move on a big writing challenge. This is my attempt to write up on the third day’s assignment to start off the Zero to Hero challenge! The first two assignments are pretty much summarized in my About page.


Today’s assignment: write the post that was on your mind when you decided to start a blog.

I’ve had this blog for slightly more than one and a half years now (September ’12). But I only consider myself  to have started blogging consistently early last year when I was having my internship.

I didn’t have a positive outlook when I first decided to blog. It was more of getting the negative thoughts out of my mind and the only way was to write about it – sieve the thoughts through words and hoping that the negativity will eventually waft away on its own over time. There was is no use talking to anybody about how you feel about yourself. The kind of advice you read in self-help books and Google only makes you feel even worst off when they only work on the people who face similar self-esteem problems as you do, but just not on you.

The spur moments that got me writing happen only when I feel sad or frustrated about myself. Putting down my thoughts in black and white allows me to become aware of my problems. They don’t scare me as much as before the next time I face them because I know that they’re already there, for the longest time I can remember when I blogged about it. It just takes time to overcome those, a long while. Music and writing got me past that phase. Presently, I feel differently about blogging, compared first time I blogged. The more I blog, the more I feel like a writer. The imaginary bubble that sustains my self-worth. Blogging is the closest thing I can do to feel like one, apart from writing letters. It feels nice to write even when I am clear that I can’t write as well as the other bloggers I’ve followed here.

Words and language are the most amazing inventions which ever came into this world. We read them in books and indulge in the lives of others – which we, or just myself, will probably never be able to experience them in real-life. Sometimes, we don’t prefer to be ourselves. We just want to stay in the shoes of others and live their lives, experience what it feels like to have their courage and dignity. The brilliance of the writers to craft art out of his only tool: words. We pen them down on paper and they could express so much more than what one’s lips can say.