Guangzhou, China

Couple of days before my travel, I found new music for my playlist – Princess Chelsea. I was listening to one of hers titled Overseas (check out a live version of this song here!). Perhaps some parts of the song resonate with what we generally deem as vacation, like:

We skimp we save we go overseas
We pimp we slave so we get what we need
When we get there we try very hard to believe
That it’s better

Guangzhou, China, is my first travel outside Southeast Asia. It’s a place very similar to home. You get the crowds in metro stations. Nearing the plane touchdown, you see miniatures of many, many high-rise buildings. Multiple expressways that crisscross above one another. City lights in the evening. Traffic police. Malls. It doesn’t lack toilets anywhere as well. Continue reading


Book Review: Peony in Love

It’s a wrap for another Lisa See’s novel ; titled Peony in Love! When I was reading this novel, there were occasional times when I was taken aback by the different excerpts in the story.

The story started with a 16 year old Chinese girl, named Peony, who was looking forward to a play production staged by her father, The Peony Pavilion, which happens to be her all-time favorite opera.

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