If life was a musical…

From Singin’ In The Rain – the very bliss-filled Don

My idea of rejoicing about the love of my life would be to break out in a song and dance along the vehicle-free roads on a rainy night. Toss the raincoat, forget the suede shoes, ironed suit and gelled hair, and swing that umbrella in the air!

From West Side Story – Tony looking mesmerized and hanging onto his lifeline at the same time

It would be nice for every one of us to have a Tony in our lives, who’s so hopelessly devoted to his Maria. And for him to spring up your balcony and sing about how he’d persist for you and him to get together no matter what.

From Grease – Frenchy in bubblegum-colored hair gets a visit from… these people whose existence are in my dreams

When you’re down and out in life, it always helps to have a smooth, white-suited fairy godfather coming down to the fast food chain you’re working at. He is then accompanied by a couple of women with a mountain-full of hair rollers on their heads. You may just be getting the high school diploma you’ve always thought it wasn’t possible. They could be doing you a big favor, knocking the sense into you with a song like this one.

From Cabaret – what good is sitting alone in your room? Come hear the music play.

Occasionally, I’d to live a day or two as the long-lashed, doe-eyed Sally Bowles. The first thing to do, would be to prance around the stage in those stilettos, twisting limbs on that chair and with that husky voice, I could sing all night along. The cabaret life – nightclubs, booze, sex, lacy (racy?) sheer stockings, love, heartbreaks and tears, more love – isn’t cut out for everyone so a day or two could work. Once in awhile, it could be nice to feel melancholy and yet, still be able to channel a playful character.


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