Swampy smell of early mornings

The strongest scent memory I have is the swampy smell of the early morning mist. You don’t get the scent at 9AM or later in the morning. Swampy smell doesn’t come from just rainy nights, even during nights when the air is warm and still. Perhaps I’ve been staying in areas where the greens are fertile in the vicinity, that is why this scent never seem to leave me at all.

I wouldn’t call it a comforting or even pleasant sort of smell. It is strangely familiar because it reminds me of school-going days in the past. I dread mornings, I dread school. This has remained as a strong scent memory ever since, even when I’m older now. I get up for work and morning lectures as early as I did and when I step out of the house, this scent brings back memories of my early school days. Those days when time always seem to remain static…

But, I feel very relieved now that it becomes a memory because waking up dead early for a school day you don’t look forward to learning at all is an awful, awful thing. Presently, this swampy sort of smell only gives me one more reason to enjoy my early morning walks while I recount and rejoice that those dog days are finally over! 😉

Written for: Daily Prompt – Smell You Later


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