What I’ve learnt in 2015, so far!

It’s almost a quarter of the year now! I’ve been looking a breather to write this post for weeks…

The point of attaining higher (or the highest possible level of) education was never clear to me. At times, we see no point of why people choose to go further than a degree, beside to secure the highest position possible and a pay raise. The sophisticated ones may say they want to “learn” something along the way, meet new people, gain new experiences , etc etc. Ultimately, it is always seen as a means to a specific end of clinching better career prospects. We are determined to at least thread through this final phase due to expectations (parents, society, ourselves). Then, there are expectations that you can never understand the meaning behind them. For ten over school years, going to university is marked as an official closing to schooling life for me and it scared me very much to deviate from an expectation that was formed, subconsciously – because I never question the point of studying besides (ideally) to get a good job.

But I’m starting to see it differently now. Learning is becoming less dull, more of a revelation and a novel experience (most of the time during Monday’s sociology and Thursday’s psychology lessons :P). What’s so novel is that I’m getting answers to the life questions I’ve been asking, like religion. These answers probably don’t serve a clear practical purpose in any way but it’s still nice to get it cleared in the head and to be amazed by how we humans are able to form an explanation for almost everything in this world – not only for things that are explained scientifically. Cass and I talked about this the last time we met. The world is just as it is but we refuse to settle for “just as it is“. Who intends for humans to figure out every possible way to explain the world around them? There’s no absolute meaning to facts at all. Every time someone comes up with a new discovery, an existing theory that has been there for the longest time is proven wrong. We are always looking to challenge someone else’s meaning (by proving it wrong) or to fit our meaning into the most commonly-accepted meaning.

In 2015, I’m beginning to see how what’s taught in the classroom is relevant in many aspects of our daily lives. There are varied perspectives you don’t get very often, unlike in the public realm (through social media, news and among your social circles). I lagged in getting to know about the most current affairs. So most of the time, it’s becoming some sort of a new experience for me. Sometimes, there are opinions (which are probably truths) that surprised me in an upsetting manner. But as creatures of meaning, we tend to filter out what’s tailored to our preference and build on our already-existing opinions. You don’t get enlightened by these things all the time and I found an area of study to vest my interest in – so I figured out this is probably an achievement!


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