University interview.

Today, I went for the interview for one of the universities I applied for. I’ve heard it’s best to go in the interview without any intensive preparation, just be yourself – that’s what they say. I suppose if I did prepare anything, it would barely help. Like an oral exam, the candidates are given 15-20 minutes to read an article and scribble notes of our thoughts. The article talks about the art of busyness; something about time management and how we’re really less busy than we claimed to be.

I panicked. My hands were cold and shaking. No specific questions asked, so it really depends on how far one’s thinking can go. I feel like I’m just reiterating the points of the article. Afterwards, we were ushered to this meeting room with two interviewers, who were professors of the respective majors in the faculty. There were 8 of us, split into two groups of 4. We spent some time introducing ourselves and explaining the why-s (why we chose to major in Social Sciences and why this university).

This part went alright because it was easy to point out how that university stands out from the rest. The discussion that comes next was the real killer. The minimum discussion time was 15 minutes to present our notes and discuss. It was clear I didn’t do well but I guess I got over it by now. I need to get over it, there’s little I can do to savage the situation. I am certain that I really said my piece. The candidates in my group did some proper discussion and raised some interesting points which spur further discussing from the professors themselves. They speak very eloquently and responded in a matured manner, precise and to the point. I was impressed and so were the professors, very much!

In fact, I am aware I did the worst in the group. For a moment, the interviewers and the fellow candidates all turned to me when I didn’t speak. I spoke little and what comes out of my mouth, for sure, aren’t golden. Quantity and quality, I lost them both. It was a real fright. Nothing comforts me more than the end of the interview. It is not that I’m not taking this seriously, I’m aware that I want this and really did everything I could to focus and not let fear get in the way.


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