High expectations.

At any point of our lives, we’ve had expectations for ourselves. Then, the next time you try to spin up another expectation for yourself, you either feel more hopeful than the previous time you expect that you can do something OR the disappointment from the previous expectation calls out to you to lower your expectations and refrain getting your hopes high on them.

Are errors really stepping stones to where you want to be in the future? Of course I’m aware that everyone of us makes mistakes, it’s a universal logic. But the thing is, some of the many mistakes we commit are the ones we’ve tried to prevent ourselves from making it, just to only make it worst in the end.

Sometimes, I think there isn’t a need to make exceptional efforts to do that. And it is possible to see ourselves overcoming obstacles at unexpected times without marking it down officially. These days, I’ve been reminding myself that tomorrow is another day and there’s always this possibility (even if it’s like a brief, short-lived fizz in a soda drink) and an opportunity to change for the better. Although I realize that it’s easier said than done, perhaps I could experiment it out whether constantly reminding yourself of something positive would help to overcome the obstacles I created for myself from the beginning.

Ref: Discussions on Youth by Daisaku Ikeda


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