Writer’s block, TV series and twisted fairy tales.

I thought I should start writing about something again before I stop doing it completely, but I don’t know where to start. I’ve tried returning back to the Daily Prompts as the starting point, but always ended up deleting the posts halfway through writing. This happens so frequently.

I have been thinking about a quote I came across on Twitter a few days ago,

Saving your good writing for a book is like saving your good running for the marathon: if it’s not a habit now, it won’t be there later.

I don’t imply I can write a book… Also, it seems impossible at all – like how do the ideas of writers come about? But I do relate to this quote as to ‘practice makes perfect’! Surely there’s alot of practice to do.

Today I’ll blog about a TV series I’ve immersed myself in, Once Upon A Time. The show started airing a few years back, but I was recently introduced to it by a friend. The brief synopsis provided by my friend sounded quite appealing and intriguing, which triggered me to download the episodes online. It’s a fairy tale drama series. It’s my first attempt on these sort of fantasy / mythical TV shows; the American ones I’m referring to.

Generally, I’m not good at deciphering the plot and what’s-going-on with the characters in such TV series. How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory and Glee puzzle me, mostly due to the laughter tracks thrown into random scenes in the show. So far, I’ve only been exposed to comedy TV series like New Girl and 2 Broke Girls, with forms of simple humor I can understand. You get hooked on it once the humor gets you the first instance. There aren’t many episodes in each season and every episode runs so quickly, that it becomes a pain to wait for the next one a week or subsequent few weeks later.

Back to Once Upon A Time, it tells about the twisted lives of the legendary fairy tale characters we know of (e.g. the princesses and the witches associated to each one of them, Rumpelstiltskin, Red Riding Hood, Jiminy Cricket, Peter Pan, etc.) being “banished” to modern day reality. Plots like these, they like to associate modern day reality to a hellish, torturous kind of living. These characters don’t realize who they were in their past / fairy tale lives. It’s like a reincarnation, which I do believe in the existence of this phenomenon. Every character possesses certain traits that reflect their personas in the fairy tales. It’s interesting to see how they came to realize which fairy tale they belong to.

Definitely, there are worthy life lessons one can learn in the show. There was a particular episode I can remember; the one starring Jiminy Cricket. It was about his conscience and how he didn’t want to abide to whatever’s told to him, but he couldn’t do so. Some of us could relate to that.

Talking about fairy tales, Snow White has always been my favorite fairy tale princess since I was a kid. I can’t deny that it’s because of how beautiful she looked which attracted me to like her the most among the others.

Skin as white as snow, lips as red as blood, and hair as black as ebony.

I didn’t think as much when I was a kid. She just looked really lovely! There’s a reason why the huntsman can’t bring himself to hurt her. She just seems really nice and hardworking. She does clean alot and takes on workload without complaining – from dusting the floors of the Evil Queen’s castle to spring cleaning the house of the dwarfs. And she can work really, really well with animals and getting them to spring clean with her.

But it made me reconsider about these fairy tale princesses we know of. Either of them rely on their princes to approach them by their bedside and plant that true love’s kiss on their lips, or the use of magic to get to their prince. God-sent chances. I know it’s silly to even consider about realism in these classic childhood tales – that’s why these tales were always meant for children. But they’ve certainly crafted significant memories of my childhood. I don’t think I would have dealt better with fairy tales with realistic plots. They’re great just the way as they are. Shrek is the only one I can think of. Practicality, reality and happily-ever-after ending. That tale has it all!


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