Study week.

The time of the semester is here again. I supposed I’ve finished what I have intended to study, today. So I thought of blogging about it because I’m sick of flipping over the same content over and over again.

I spend most of the time this week – waking up at around 11:30AM in the morning, brushed up, gathering bread/biscuits on my study desk for breakfast and then start writing notes and flipping pages. The only times I could relax myself are during dinner time and shower times – which I’ve been taking showers more often than usual times; especially during past midnight. I’ve been eating alot. I’ve also been sleeping early these days to avoid studying. Guilt creeps up on me when I’m outside. It feels like a mental disorder. Like a phobia or something. I know what readers might say about this. It’s like a solitary confinement! But it’ll all be over very soon, it has to be over soon. It’s difficult to stay motivated under such circumstances.

I don’t know how I had cope with the past semesters, because this week feels horrible. The memory load is overwhelming. I know I’ve always preferred memory-based to application-based exams/tests. Memory is a thing that works for me, much more than common sense do. But I don’t mean that mine is in tip-top condition. Whenever I forget about something, the rest of the memory just slithers away and that’s the end. It’s been a lifeless week, yet now and then, alittle bit heart-racing.

Anyway, I just hope that the following exam week will pass really quickly.


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