Getting my braces.

I got my braces on yesterday. It’s the day I’ve been waiting for! Even though I dread alittle thinking about the aftereffects of getting that on my teeth.

The procedure took about 1 hour 45 minutes. No anesthetic, nothing this time.

It was only during my previous appointment when I had my tooth extraction did I realize that having the anesthetic agent beneath your gums / lips is really more painful than it seems. But it certainly feels better than the tooth extraction pain I can imagine. It takes about 2 to 3 hours for the anesthetic to completely cease and before I can feel water on my lips when I drink.

I noticed that it was a very tedious procedure for the dentist because after he had finish operating on my teeth, he didn’t look as jovial as he is every time when I come for my consultation. From the reflection on the overhead operating light, I could see him gluing the brackets on each tooth and “sewing” (linking) them together with a flexible metal wire. He heaved a sigh, seemingly to be a sign of relief, after the operation. I thanked him afterwards and that is when I begin to realize that I have developed a lisp in my speech. I can barely pronounce the “th” and the “ks” in ‘thanks’!

But thanks to Google and Yahoo answers, I’m starting to see the light on why certain things are done during the operation and the reasons for the pains I’m experiencing.

1. Lisp

The speech impediment is the worst yet. There is a wire crib on the roof of my mouth to align each tooth on the side of the mouth and I suppose that’s the cause of it. I feel like I have to learn how to speak from the scratch all over again. The internet is telling me this is temporary; that it took about 3-4 days before people can start talking normally again, and that I should practice more often so that I can regain my speech soon. This is also when I start to find the songs in my playlist really helpful in getting me to sing after them and pronounce those words properly.

2. Eating

Fast food have to be out of my weekly must-have food, especially fried chicken. I don’t know how soon it will be before I can start having those, maybe half a year or more. Almost everything I eat gets stuck under the wire on my teeth. My bottom teeth hurts badly when I accidentally “clank” onto them with my upper tooth or when I’m biting my food. I have tried as much not to bite – spooning the food down into my throat at once or either, for larger pieces of food, using my back teeth to bite them into smaller pieces before I can swallow them. My digestion hasn’t been at its best since I got the spacers in my teeth during my tooth extraction. However, my appetite is not affected yet – I try to tell myself that I’m not gonna let my teeth get in my way of tasting the best food. But I can foresee that in no time, I’ll lose that persistence to bear the pain to gulp down the good food.

3. (even more) Protrude mouth

This got me when I first looked into the mirror the dentist showed me! With the metal hooks scratching the insides of my lips, it does hurt to try to close my mouth. They say dental wax is a lifesaver, so I’ve put them on those hooks to reduce the friction. Now it sure looks like I’ve had something in my mouth if I force my lips together.

I could go on talking about the pains of getting braces, but I certainly can’t wait for the results which will subside those, even by alittle bit! 2-years wait though. But the pains isn’t just the only thing I think about when I got my braces. Here’s the fun parts that I thought of.

The first character whom I thought about when I got my braces was Kathy Beth Terry from Katy Perry’s Last Friday Night!

Another fictional character who reminded me of the lisp, is Sara from ‘Ew with Jimmy Fallon‘  in the late night talk show. The character was portrayed by Jimmy Fallon himself, who’s a versatile impersonator of many celebrities. Here’s one hilarious episode:

Enjoy! x


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