Weekly Writing Challenge: Moved by Music

This is my first attempt on this week’s writing challenge. Music. In my playlist, there’s a range of genres – from the modern pop, dance, rock music, to indie rock & pop, then back to the old 50’s and 60’s music with Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, and recently now, Woodkid’s Baroque Pop music. It’s always that number of the same musicians in my playlist – I hardly get any new music in my playlist, apart from new music coming from them or the oldies I will chance upon – on the radio, a memory trigger or somewhere on Worldwide Web.

I like to say good music makes me happy and it probably has the same effect on most people. I like to tap my fingers and feet (maybe just wiggling toes inside the shoes if the action of tapping feet on a hard surface seems to distract people) to music that makes me just want to get up and dance – but… if only I could do awkward dancing as cute as they two.

Nick & Jess ‘awkward dancing’ in the loft – on New Girl

I can go on talking about the music that appeals to my liking, so many songs I love. Not that I can feel most of the composers / singers who have penned the lyrics from their experiences and sung the words with their feelings. The instrumentals and the tune captivates my interest first before anything else does. Then the voice of the singer’s before the lyrics appeal to me.

Here’s a playlist of some of my favorite instrumentals!

Apart from that, I’d also want to share:

  • A song that represents you — that you could consider as your “intro music”

I can’t say this song is anywhere near to being my anthem. But it sure reminds me of the internal monologue that’s going on in my head when I’m in a typical social situation, or sometimes even around people. This song is ‘The Outsider‘ by Marina & The Diamonds (lyrics here).

It’s not my ultimate all-time favorite, but if I have to choose one song which describes me the most ; among all of them, this is one that I can nod my head to every lyric in this song like this one, especially:

“I look myself in the face
And whisper ‘I’m in the wrong place’
Is there more to lose than gain
If I go on my own again?”

But it’s a fun song, not a serious one. I like it because it doesn’t make you feel overwhelmingly depressed when you just listen to it, without playing extra attention to the lyrics. It tells alot about feeling anxious around people ; in other words, social anxiety.

I love it also because there’s abit of sarcasm and dramatization. With lyrics like –

“Spilt the milk at breakfast
Hit me double hard
And I grinned at you softly
Because I’m a fucking wild card”

– and the music, you feel more of the madness that’s contained inside you, than to feel so miserable that you just want to burst out in tears.

It’s a song that speaks to me as well. The one lyric that says, “All I know is I cannot pretend, so I’m sitting on the outside again“, I will choose to interpret it as a reminder not to try so hard to fit in. When you realize that you feel more lonely in a company of people ; you just can’t get used to their conversation topics, the way they do things, dress up, etc., it’s better to be in your own company, preferably with a book which serves a better companion to you than a friend, stranger. Then learning to distinguish between ‘solitude’ and ‘loneliness’.

Concluding this post with a quote I came across on Twitter ; a quote by Oscar Wilde, the writer, x

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