Daily Prompt: Eat, Drink, and Be Merry… | End of the World in Thanksgiving style

Daily Prompt posts: …for tomorrow we die. The world is ending tomorrow! Tell us about your last dinner — the food, your dining companions, the setting, the conversation.

I’d have McDonald’s. It’s an option I will try to avoid during lunch time every other school day, for I don’t want to die from having too much of it. But unavoidably, I will still have it at least once a week now. I’ll have my favorite chicken nuggets, maybe 20 pieces of it! – today, I will not listen to anyone reminding me of whatever these chicken nuggets are made of. Then I’d have some fried chicken. Just like what Minny Jackson in The Help movie has said, “Fried Chicken just tend to make you feel better about life.”

I’d not want to miss having a word with anyone who has been a part of my life, and sharing my food with them. I don’t usually favor parties, but maybe an ‘End of the World Party’ will be helpful in this situation now. 

Others will probably have their own parties as well. But it doesn’t matter whether I’m the one organizing it, or attending it with my closest people.

What will I tell them? I’m happy and grateful for the people whom I spend time with, almost every day – they’ve made the most tiresome days fulfilling and it’s really fun to be with them. I haven’t got many close friends, probably less than or just 5 of them. I don’t usually have the luck, and the ability as well, to easily acquaint myself with someone else, then hit off really well with the person and become best of friends till the end. The ones you’ll feel really comfortable with, that it’s carefree and pressure-less, they’ve got no expectations for you to fit in just like one of them and be cool.

I think I’d feel most apologetic to my parents. I haven’t had the opportunity to repay everything I’ve asked from them or that they’ve given me out of their own freewill. Instead, I’ve made them frustrated, many times. Mom will usually scold me bluntly, but Dad tend to just keep his anger all inside him – at most, probably sigh, get annoyed alittle and fidget. And my sister – I made her do alot of things for me, miscellaneous ones, and despite her being the little sister, most of the time, she tends to give in to me. She would be mad at me during those times, but maybe not when the world’s about to end. So I’d tell her that there’s no better sibling than her that I could ask for.

I visualize the party to be in the style of a Thanksgiving dinner – there’ll be a simple chandelier above our heads, the room will be lit in slightly dim yellow-orange lighting ; giving a warm and cozy feeling, there won’t be any white candles because it reminds us of death (let’s not think about it so soon), the food will be laid out on the long, rectangular teak wood table. It may be alittle unsuited to have fast food with an ambiance like this and a nicely laid out table setting, but it’ll still be OK if we have both the fried chicken and honey-glazed chicken served. But for sure, I will be in my own house or either someone else’s, because I don’t want to know what to expect outside the walls when the dawn of the next day approaches.


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