Daily Prompt: (My) Golden Hour | Not a morning person!

Daily Prompt posts: 6:00AM: the best hour of the day, or too close to your 3:00AM bedtime?

My golden hour has got to be close to my 3AM bedtime! I am never a morning person and never will I ever become one who enjoys stretching out of bed to the 6AM alarm set for school, work or any other things. To think about it, tomorrow is my first day of the final school semester, which means waking up early for school on consecutive week days ; but not as early as 6AM, probably close to 7AM. Having to get out of bed at any hour before 10AM is unearthly!

The thing about past midnight and 3AM that scares me is the lack of life outside the house. What makes it worst is the ghostly tales I’ve heard from others or I’ve read about. Staying in my room, past midnight is a perfect idea. The thought of walking home alone at night scares me already! Ever since I’ve moved to another place, the neighborhood which I’m presently staying at becomes really quiet when it approaches the evening. Barely any traffic on the road, or people under the void decks, in the playground or along the pathways. It’s not as brightly-lit as the neighborhood I used to stay in.

And I’m easily spooked by the silence of the night. Out of all other times of the day, the scenes from the various horror movies I’ve watched have got to play in my mind right at that moment. I fear for whatever that lurks behind me while I hurry past the corridors to my house, panicking to open the padlock securing the metal gate and quickly closing it after me when I’m inside the house.

The 6AM darkness scares me as much as well. It’s not the darkness that scares me, as there’s so much uncertainty in a room with the lights off. The fear of darkness doesn’t only apply to kids, it continues into adulthood. But I try to use logic to comfort myself that 6AM is technically and “legitimately” the morning hour already, so whatever that has ambushed itself in the dark at night will be gone by now. And that, life comes out at the hour.


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