Daily Prompt: Simply the Best | Technology

Daily Prompt posts: NASA is building a new Voyager spacecraft that will carry the best of modern human culture. What belongs onboard?

The first thing that rings a bell to me when the term “modern culture” is mentioned, is technology. Technology belongs onboard! It may raise many concerns for many – that some have a different point of view that technology serves more bad than good in the modern society. Even I have contradicting thoughts about technology, as to whether it is an essential in life or not.

It has become a big part of my life, presumably for many others as well. It gives me greater ease to access the current affairs I could learn about, the world beyond what I’m exposed to. I could also filter out the news that interest me more than the others. As vain as it might seem, it brings me closer to the people I look up to, in other words, my idols! My favorite music follows me wherever I go (in the playlist in my phone) and I can conveniently pop in the earpiece to enjoy the music, without having to set the CD inside the bulky player at home to do that. And I could review all the Daily Prompts and blog about them! Technology has got to go onboard the spacecraft, so that we learn about life on another distant planet! And the danger that lurks in that place. Or else how are we gonna do that?

But when technology becomes our life, instead of just a significant part of it… it irks me seeing others, and realizing that even myself, get controlled by these devices which could just only fit the size of our palm, instead of being the one controlling them. Besides the responsibilities and duties we’re bounded to, such as work or school, we’re very immersed in swiping, scrolling or tapping whatever on our SmartPhones – we do that when we wake up in the morning, on our journey to work, during our break, after work on the journey back home, and just before you go to bed. We tend to overlook alot of things around us. We still won’t be able to appreciate life on the distant planet – when we determine that the distant planet is Mother Earth 2.0 which is perfect for survival, we can’t rule out the possibility of getting human beings onboard with the best of modern culture in the spacecraft, on the journey to the distant planet!

Nevertheless, there’re still some things I’d prefer an option without technology, rather than one that has. Like books, I’d prefer to read them by literally flipping each page towards the end. Even when the book is torn and tattered as it is, I’d still choose it over an e-book on an iPad or an Amazon Kindle. Going to places ; I’d prefer having my eyes to focus on the scenery and enjoy every experience, than capturing photographs and tweeting / posting a status on Facebook about it.


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