Anticipated for PRISM!

Like any other good news, new music by my favorite artists makes me happy!

PRISM – being the sixth album (including the EP and live album) Katy Perry has released. It is supposedly said to be released on the 22 October 2013 on iTunes, but physical copies of album have already been distributed in the Europe continent and in South Africa as well.

The album as a whole ; the music and the packaging, they’re as fresh as daisies. I was given the impression that this one might have been the one album closest to her heart and a very personal one to her. A couple of months ago, Katy herself described her next album as “dark”.

 One of the Boys has been very Lolita-inspired, while Teenage Dream  falling in and out of love. PRISM is closely correlated to the first album she released, Katy Hudson – a Christian music album. In some of the lyrics, you can listen for the bits and pieces of her factual account on the struggles she went through and how she overcame them. A good example will be ‘By The Grace of God‘ – she talks about how she was coping with the divorce last year, emerging out of depression with her sister’s help (crediting her in the song).

But the album isn’t solely on depression and finding the light at the end of the tunnel. That’s definitely not how Katheryn Perry would do it!

With a loud and colorful personality, how would it possible for her to have missed out the hyped and dancey songs in her album?

I’ve been listening to the same few songs from the album, on repeat, for the past 2-3 days. If it interests you in any way, you can listen the whole album here on the right side of her official site.

Most of my favorites are the more dancey songs in the album! They’re ‘Legendary Lovers’, ‘It Takes Two’, ‘Birthday’, ‘International Smile’. Especially ‘Legendary Lovers’, you got to listen to it! That song has kept me blabbering its lyrics for days now. That’s the second track in the album – it’s phenomenaaa!

Take me down to the river,
Underneath the blood-orange sun.
Say my name like a scripture,
Keep my heart beating like a drum.

All modesty aside, I have to vision a couple of these lining up to top the charts when they’re officially released! Not all of the songs in the album are my absolute favorites but most of them are definitely growing in me! Like ‘Ghost’, This Moment’, ‘This is How We Do’, ‘By The Grace of God’ and ‘Unconditionally’.

The more dancey songs in the album are my favorite ones not because I can relate to them entirely, or somehow in any other way… that it involves birthday suit and big balloons. The beats and the instrumentals are the ones that captivate my attention first before the lyrics and the voice. Katy’s voice also stands out more in this kind of music, as compared to the slower ones with lyrics that serve more emotional and intense meanings. I love her voice in acoustic and jazzy music too!

Nevertheless, I still enjoy listening to music which have meaningful lyrics I could relate to, like Marina and the Diamonds. If not in any relevant situation, I could visualize a film, a story, out of its lyrics. Any kind of music, as long as it sounds pleasant to the ears, to your ears, has already serve its purpose.

I cannot wait to get the physical copy of the album in stores, probably in less than 5 days! To conclude this post with Katy performing her very first single, “I Kissed A Girl”, on MTV Unplugged:


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