Hyperrealistic artworks by Ron Mueck

While looking for inspirations to write in response to today’s daily prompt, I googled on “sculptures” and wanted to see some of the famous sculptures – mainly the greek ones, but I came across this hyperrealist sculptor, Ron Mueck, whose works really stand out among the others in the page! Hyperrealism ; this genre of art is called – hyper-realism – I see why it stood out!

Various dictionaries defines “hyperrealism” as a realism in art characterized by depiction of real life in an unusual or striking manner ; the tendency to view or represent things as they are.

The last art post I had written about oil paintings – I mentioned about how those artists love to recreate the image of the actual place and I really like that because the different places I have wanted to travel are beautified in my imagination and it has greatly influence my want to go to these places! And it’s always nice to indulge in one’s imagination, especially when Art allows you do so – your favorite painting / sculpture in an Art museum mean something to you based on your experiences, or various traits of the work, etc., even though it might be interpreted in a completely different manner by the creator of that piece of work.

Art is like a much more flamboyant version of Reality. Like the advertisements we see aren’t just straight-from-the-camera photographs, thrown in fancy messages in various outstanding font styles and sizes, and then ready to be shown to the intended audience. Most of the time, there’s no harm in doing alittle romanticizing to those ads when they are now becoming more of a work of art presenting a feast for our eyes, than just merely serving its sole purpose of convincing its consumers.

Back to hyperrealistic art works, they’re like wax figures – some in the size of Gulliver! The works of Ron Mueck I saw were human figures, mainly doing very simple things like sleeping, lying down, sitting down, standing, squatting, etc. Here are some photographs of his works:

“In Bed” by Ron Mueck

“Mask II” by Ron Mueck

“BOY” by Ron Mueck

“Couple Under An Umbrella” by Ron Mueck

“Seated Woman” by Ron Mueck

“Spooning Couple” by Ron Mueck

“Two Women” by Ron Mueck

“Young Couple” by Ron Mueck

Apart from the ones I posted here, there were some others, which were rather disturbing to look at after awhile. They’re still very stunning works of his but maybe not all of them you’d want to take a second look at its details. Such examples are “Pregnant Woman”, ‘Dead Dad”, and newborn baby figures which are not pleasant to look at after you’ve seen so many of them, “Still Life” which depicts a dead chicken hung upside down, etc.

I know they’re meant to look real and it’s also unbelievable how it can look so real – it’s like any time of the day, there’s no doubt these human figures will come to life and go about what they do before they get into that same position after the time’s up!

The emotions conveyed on the faces of the human figures are so intensifying that you feel heavyhearted and sympathetic when you look at some of them. It’s impressive how much work has gone into detailing the works, such as one’s stubbles and the evenly-spread wrinkles and creases on the skin. His works reflect alot on fatigue, fear, sadness and even self-pitying – from what I think.

I don’t have a favorite one, but the ones which made me feel really sad were “Old Woman in Bed” – which shows a dying woman lying in a curled-up position under the blankets, the “Spooning Couple” and “In Bed”. What would be your favorite ones?

Here’s a video of an hyperrealistic Art exhibition (works by Ron Mueck) held at Queensland Gallery of Modern Art, in Australia, to conclude the post:

Ahhh, really hope to have an opportunity in the future to visit an Art exhibition like this one!


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