Daily Prompt: Clean House

Daily Prompt post: Is there “junk” in your life? What kind? How do you get rid of it?

The junk in my life – I’d refer it to the people and the events that have brought me down. Many of them. And most of the time, I could barely muster up any courage to get rid of them in my life. To me, these junk can’t be discarded as easily as the trash we dump into the bins every day. People react and events change overtime – so you deal with each one of them differently.

To anyone else, it’s only right for them to stand up for themselves when they’re being put down. I feel that way too and my principles tell me the same thing, but my fear just gets me all the time. Since I was little kid, Mom said I was really timid and shy. I thought that’d be just a passing phase, but it stayed that way even when I grow up. I know I couldn’t well blame it on my genes and personality traits get nurtured overtime. But life isn’t a play – as much as I wish to throw into the script plenty of parts which I will get to respond the way that I have intended to. And you don’t expect things coming.

Alot of times, many people in my life have helped me to get rid of the “junk”. Whether they do it out of friendship, or either because they feel that they’re inclined to do so due to their values / principles, they allow me to believe that I could do this someday as well, to another person just like myself. I can’t recall a situation where I did stand up for anybody – anyone of my friends or any stranger(s). There hasn’t been many instances where I got to stand up for myself either. Offering words of advice and a considerable extent of help to another is doable, probably anyone and everyone can do that. But people who have been always brave enough to stand up for another person, for any reasons, truly deserve an extraordinary amount of admiration.

The events in my life ; like occasional conflicts I get into with my family members, friends and classmates, the pressure and stress from exams / tests… the bullying experiences I used to have in school, etc., time plays a big role in getting rid of them. The weight’s off my shoulders once these events pass. When you look back in time, they’re just bad memories. You learn from them and you hope that you’ll know what to do when you encounter them again. Also, they’re called “junk” for a reason because they’re not that significant to leave scarring memories in your life.


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