Daily Prompt: Ebb and Flow | Travel blog

Daily Prompt posts: Our blogs morph over time, as interests shift and life happens. Write a post for your blog — but three years in the future.

I would love to do a travel blog! Actually, getting to travel the world and to write about it would be in my wishlist for sure! But, it’d probably take sometime before I get to plan this whole traveling-around-the-world thing – likely not 3 years. In 3 years time, I’d be 22. Maybe I’ll be still in school, or either a fresh graduate looking for a job and saving up for this purpose.

I don’t take alot of pictures, whether it’s selfies or photographs of sceneries, sculptures and interesting sightings. I’d choose to live the moment, like I’d rather give up the opportunity to enjoy the scenery behind a device and capturing every one of them in photographs and I’d choose to just use my eyes to scan the surroundings and capturing them in my memory. And then probably write about it.

But I know, a thousand words can’t be compared to a picture. No matter how many extraordinary descriptions and metaphors you can use to convey how wonderful a place is, it won’t come out as convincing to the readers if there isn’t a single photograph. Especially in a travel blog – I’ve never come across a travel blog which involves no photographs and plainly just text ; and honestly, it’s the visuals which draw me further to read about it, because then it’d be a really tedious chore if one has to visualize everything based on what’s only written.

But I’m often (and used to be) so fond to posting chunks of text. But as I’ve learnt from other bloggers, it’d really give the readers more ease to screen through your post if you’d give them a break by placing appropriate thumbnail pictures beside these words and occasional page breaks along these lines. If I want to do travel blog, I’ll need to start using my camera and snap away. Just like writing a blog, taking pictures will help me to keep track of every place I’ve been to, if I was to travel the world.

To manage a travel blog in 3 years time is too big of a dream to accomplish, but I’ll want to do that someday! Even if the furthest place I’ll ever travel beyond the shores of Singapore is just within the neighboring islands… it could just be the start?

And why would I want to do a travel blog? I don’t travel alot. I used to mention that in my previous blogpost as well. I remember the last time I traveled was:-

When I was 16, it was a school excursion trip to Taman Negara, Malaysia. It was compulsory and I didn’t want to go because I dread camps and the idea of camping at a natural rain forest (in a bat cave) didn’t excite me abit. But I got alot of firsthand experiences and sightings during that trip, which I’ll never ever get that here in this city. We encountered a said-to-be-venomous snake, the soles of my only sport shoes came off when we were trekking on shallow waters and mud which sank those soles, and while we were maneuvering our way inside another cave which barely has any openings besides the one we entered from ; there were sleeping bats right above our heads and when we realized that, they started to flap their wings in a really aggressive manner and flew aimlessly around the ceiling of the cave. Towards the end of our cave exploration, we reached a hollow opening which emits cool air ; we called it as “natural air-conditioning”. It did amuse many of us.

Also, the most beautiful thing I’ve seen during the exploration is when we reached this particular place in the cave. It’s like a meeting point where everyone gathers to meet at. There was a huge opening above us – where we can see the rays of sunlight which just all outburst into that hole and around those rays are just plenty of trees and green moss overcrowding both sides of the opening. Since there weren’t many openings in the cave, it’s literally finding the light at the end of the tunnel cave and seems like heaven’s looking down upon you (picture below).

Photo Courtesy of: Flickr

Another thing, travel variety shows have always interest me. But I’m always getting “secondhand” information of the show host’s travelling experience. Their experiences. Hosting a show myself, or even just doing vlogs, is probably far beyond the dreams I can fulfill – but it’d be quite interesting to do so. You talk to the camera like a friend and speaking to it about what you see, hear, smell and do than to write them down – because sometimes, your thoughts just come and go instantly and they’re not that patient to wait till you get your free time at night to type them down on a Word document.

Beside all that’s being said, getting to know about the cultures, people, food and landmarks through these variety shows and documentaries I used to watch on the television with my sister played a big part in prompting me to do this. A travel blog is something I’ve been considering for a long, long time and that could be the start!


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