Library quote.

I came across a quote by Cicero, a Roman Philosopher – which was re-quoted by Lisa See, the writer of Shanghai Girls, which I did a review on the novel one post ago. She tweeted it moments ago and I thought I’ll share it.

Photo courtesy of: Sodahead’s forum topic

Original tweet:-

The simplest words, no use of extraordinary vocabulary, or any hidden, sea-deep meanings behind that phrase. And truer words have never been spoken – it hints the perfect plan to pass time during the weekend!


6 thoughts on “Library quote.

    • Hi there, thanks for enlightening me on that, because I really didn’t know about that. Now I could understand why Lisa (the author I quoted from) added “On libaries…” behind the quote to make an implication to the fact that libaries were rare in Cicero’s times.

      On the quote itself, I just thought garden & library do indeed make a perfect combination.


      • I remember learning in college that Dante Alighieri, author of The Divine Comedy (1265 – 1321) had read all the books available in Europe up to that time. This was before the invention of the printing press, which was invented in Europe in 1450 (earlier in the Far East). Our professor told us that all the books Dante read would fit into two bookcases about eight feet tall and ten feet wide. I don’t know how to google that, though.


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