Daily Prompt: Practice Makes Perfect? | Art!

Daily Prompt posts: Tell us about a talent you’d love to have… but don’t.

To have the hands of an Artist is something I’d love to have, but I don’t – far, far beyond what I could draw or paint.

To create Art mean alot of different things, like now – when I go back to the time when ‘Art’ is commonly referred to as a piece of drawing or painting when we were doing art in school.

Now, you could even study Art in college ; in terms of Literature, Philosophy, Music, Dance, etc., and then end up creating Art in one of those fields. The dictionary gives a vast variety of subtle and technical definitions for the word ‘Art’, but the talent I yearn to have is to be able to paint.

I enjoy looking at paintings and art pieces, but I’ve never been good at Art. Mom used to always help me with Art in primary school. She was really good at her drawing and with color pencils as well. One cardboard paper drawing she did which I remembered vividly is one that depicts a team of firemen firing a hose towards a burning house to extinguish the fire. How could I possibly draw that? I was only 7 or 8 years old at that time. My classmates eventually found out I wasn’t the one behind all the work of Art. In Secondary School, I got a F the last time I took the subject – Sec 2. But I did my best with the preparation, research part of the exam, it just didn’t work out if you don’t have the one bit of flair to create Art.

Among all the types of paintings ; personally, I really love oil paintings. In specific, scenery paintings done with oil. This type of painting just recreates the image of the place or the city the Artist has painted – it’s as though you just hope to dive into their work and see your surroundings come to life (ironically) and never return back to reality again.

For instance, there has been many oil paintings done on different sceneries in France, Paris. Lots of people want to go France because of what they’ve heard, read, even imagined about, seen photographs and paintings of the beautiful country. And like most of them, I’d love to go France and that’s because the scenery paintings done on that place intrigue that desire in me to go there. Along with it, I can’t deny that films, cartoons and music have influenced my want as well – like the classic Madeline cartoon series – which the tune never dies off in my mind –

, Midnight in Paris movie (directed by Woody Allen and starring Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams) and ‘I Love Paris‘ song by Frank Sinatra. Truly enveloped within my fantasy looking at paintings like these:

French Bistro by sidewalk

Photo courtesy

French Garden

Photo courtesy

Eiffel Tower

Photo courtesy

Barbara Felisky Stone Archway

Photo courtesy   

I’ve always assumed it’s alot harder to create an image with words, than using Art to do so ; i.e. painting, drawing, etc. But no. It’s just as of the same level of difficulty to do so… but I don’t know how to describe it with Arty terms. I wonder if the artists who did these, painted it exactly the way they see it with their eyes, or did they add an extra element of imagination and probably alittle bit more illustration of surreal beauty in its surroundings.


8 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Practice Makes Perfect? | Art!

  1. I couldn’t agree more. To be able to paint scenes of life, to have the freedom to edit or embellish what you see, that is a gift I would like to possess.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and the beautiful pictures.


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