A descriptive recount of my late goldfish.

This Saturday’s morning – afternoon, I attempted to do some tidying up of my study desk area. Built up with layers of dust and junk laying all around the place. The worst part of cleaning up is getting the fallen-out hair, accumulated over the past one week or two, on the dustpan and then to the bin when it just all sticks onto the broom. But the thing is that problem is easily settled once you get a portable vacuum or a broom which will cost more for its quality.

And the perk of doing this whole tidying-up thing is that you unknowingly uncover the almost-forgotten, like old photographs, video clips, letters, etc. – the way I call them “treasures”. Because when you’re doing spring cleaning or anything similar to that, most of the time you won’t expect to uncover things like these, but to get the whole area real spick-and-span.

I found my CASIO camera (14 megapixels but it never takes pictures / videos in the kind of quality I’d expect from a camera built in this age) inside the cardboard box left underneath all my stuff. The cardboard box contains my favorite magazines, letters from Cass and things people write to one another when I graduated from Secondary School, photographs, dictionaries, notes, books which I’m never finished with reading them and other miscellaneous forgotten items.

I was browsing through the media in my camera and the only media found was photographs and a video clip of my late goldfish. She was my second favorite goldfish, along with a couple more fish I had. Both of my favorite goldfish belong to the breed of the Oranda-Lionhead kind.

I always felt that they were generally more flamboyant than the others – with a film-like tail widely spread out like a butterfly showing off her wings, the funny proportion of their plump body with a pair of abnormally short fins – which causes them to swim in an awkward-cute manner, their fat cheeks and head growth which tend to “flourish” as they grow – which I regard it as the puberty period us humans undergo.

The first one was named 小肥鱼 (xiao-fei-yu) ; which translates to the “Little Fat Fish” in Chinese, when my family deduced that he‘s the fattest goldfish we’ve ever seen. We assumed the goldfish to be of the male gender because we noticed that he tend to go after the other goldfish which we bought both of them as a pair. Also, the other goldfish who got chased after looks slightly more feminine than him – see picture below.

The second one (who caused my heart ache for days after her passing even though the tearing part wasn’t as bad as the first one) was named 小熊 (xiao-xiong) ; which translates to “Little Bear”, because we thought she looked like a bear. A baby bear, since we bought her when she was as little as my thumb. Both of my favorite fish love to wiggle alot – whether or not they intended to wiggle like that, that behavior is mainly due to their body structure.

She didn’t catch my attention the first instance she was brought home because I thought she looked like any typical goldfish and she didn’t have the kind of big, bright eyes 小肥鱼 has got – Mom said her eyes seem to only have the pupil, rather than the white outer area because of her overwhelming head growth. She also tend to be frightened easily ; swimming away to hide behind the obstacles in the tank when our eyes meet.


Her personality and behavior triumphs over how she looks like – that’s why they always say “never judge a book by its cover”. But I can’t deny that it was how adorable the two of them looked like which caused me to deviate my attention from the other fish in the tank. And both of them are more passive than the others in the tank even though they’re all classified under goldfish. They don’t bite on other fish’s tails, probably because they don’t have the sharp-kind, pointy mouths. Their bites resemble a peck-like kiss, rather than a bite that sting the skin.

小熊’s born a dancer and alot more active than 小肥鱼 ; parading like a beauty queen in the tank would be weird metaphor, but it’s to describe her as feminine. We eventually bought a bigger tank, of about 25-inches in length. We had more goldfish in the tank than we used to have. Her home had a drastic transformation when we decided to clear the items inside the tank because we were advised to maximize space for her without crowding the tank with accessories which we thought the fish will like it.

She got sick once ; contracted “Ich”, which resulted to her having white spots on her fins, tail, gills and body. She became really restless. I tried all sorts of methods to try to make her get well. Salt water, water change, etc. Other goldfish in the tank have Ich as well but they recovered really quickly. It must be weird that she made me get on to praying for her. I quarantined her, from the other fish. I worried, I prayed. And it’s definitely not crazy at all since she got well at last.

I did alot more research than I do, on goldfish and tips for taking care of them, while she was still alive. Curiosity kills the kitty and information overload eventually kills the fish – something I should have expected – and I believe too-much-care is one the reasons she is not well-taken good care of. That fish belongs to the wild waters, why should there be too much intervention from human beings like myself? Even though I used to assume they won’t live too long in the ocean, as being the fat treats for the great white sharks, I regret that I bother myself too much about them than I should.

Getting her afternoon beauty-sleep.

Getting her afternoon beauty-sleep.

Should you be one of the lonely beings who seek solace from the companion of a cat goldfish? It comforts me alot that ; people, in fact many of them, talk to their pets and I did not just take insanity to whole new level. But mainly dogs and cats for sure. Furry animals, not slimy ones which you cannot pat them. It’s no surprise that I used to talk to her quite often. And to the other fish I’ve had. In one of the voices you’d subconsciously get yourself into when you’re talking to animals.

She doesn’t shy away when you feed her mashed peas, carrots, surprisingly sweet potatoes and spinach, and her least-favorite corn with your fingers. But it takes time for her to get used to human touch. Sometimes I wished she’d turn out furry than slimy, even for just one time, so we could actually interact like real pet-owners. When a visitor / anyone in my family sits down by the tank, she swims really quickly towards the front glass surface, acting as if she’s about to put up a performance to anyone who’s willing to watch.

To think I wrote a weird, descriptive recount of my late goldfish – halfway through the cleaning I should be doing. To anyone else, it could appear like a post on a fetish towards goldfish, but these are just little things I’d never see of them again (the goldfish probably care less about how I think of them and can’t possibly feel anything at all because they’re not like humans, but they certainly do not have the memory span of 3-seconds) – I could get new goldfish like how my second favorite one has replaced the first one, but their individual personalities don’t come by easily, especially in pets.

To conclude with a video clip of 小熊 found in my camera, xx It’s of a better quality (to realize that my camera isn’t bad afterall since it captured that essence of the memory and the ball of cuteness), compared to my other videos in the channel.


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