Daily Prompt: Toy Story

Daily Prompt post: What was your favorite plaything as a child? Do you see any connection between your life now, and your favorite childhood toy?

Dolls – it must be a girl’s favorite among their other toys at some point of their childhood years! (do dolls contribute to the origin of maternity instincts in women?) Not just any type of dolls. Barbie dolls.

Mom used to spend a fortune on us when we were kids; buying a doll for each of us respectively and their accessories as well. I remember vividly that my doll was one with long, golden blonde hair and blue eyes – probably the most typical-looking Barbie ever. My sister got the second doll on her birthday when the doll was attached to her birthday cake. We kept them under the bed every time after we are finished with playing dress-up and coming up with scenarios where our dolls can mingle, which were sort of like tea-party gatherings.

And if I didn’t remember wrongly, I absolutely adore dressing her up in polo tees with shorts / skirts. Jeans weren’t appealing back then, I feel. She had a walk-in wardrobe, with a round mirror lined with light bulbs around it while my sister’s doll took the other wardrobe which is less sophisticated but a bigger one – which means more clothes, shoes and accessories like magazines and sunglasses. But we trade and bargain our stuff with one another most of the time. Those dressed-up barbies look like typical high school girls who were living the sorority life. But no, I’m not one. Far from it.

Her hair was well-managed and real sleek when it was bought. But in my hands, those locks were ruined. From this, I see the connection between how I manage my Barbie’s hair and mine of course. Hair ended up to be frizzy and tangled all the time. I tried to tie / bun up the doll’s hair but back then, it took such a long time for me to master the art of doing that – whether it’s my hair or her hair.

That’s just one point. But I can barely see any connection between my life now and my favorite childhood toy – as I assume dolls to be a typical favorite childhood toy for all, or most of, the girls out there even though all of us grew up to be different because of other things / events that happen along the way. Maybe it’s that, now I see myself having the desire to dress up more like how I used to dress up that doll. Meanwhile, sometimes I do subconsciously get myself into mismatching, dowdy outfits when I’m overwhelmed by how patterns / prints / colors should be matched. Apart from that, Barbie and I have nothing much in common. She couldn’t talk or express herself. If she could, I guess we are not going to click well if she’s in fact, the sorority girl.


Have you ever believed, or has the thought ever cross your mind, that your toys might just come alive when you’re asleep or when your whole family’s out? Then, there comes the Toy Story movie which heightens the expectations and hopes little children have for their toys. It was just a nice-to-know when you’re kid “taking care” of your dolls and soft toys.


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