Best Friend – Cass

Cass & I haven’t properly meet each other for about a year now, since we caught the movie ‘Katy Perry: Part Of Me’ together in 2012. But she still remains as my best friend – since the childcare days.

About 9 years ago when I was 10 years of age, my sister and I started going to the daycare center because Mom has to work. I remember I met Cass from the time I was admitted to the center but I forgot how. I guess it is likely that I was approached by her rather than I, being the one to approach her, because she has always have this sort of approachable and friendly personality in her that I lack of because:

firstly; I always end up making others feel awkward with me,

secondly; it’s just really, really difficult to start (or even to continue) conversations beyond work and school with the people I just get to meet. And the topics / questions I try to bring up in conversations are quite weird sometimes as well.

lastly, to sum up all those, you realize I’m just too conscious about how’d others see that coming. The two points above could be irrelevant if I wasn’t so scared.

Even in terms of the impression she leaves you with, it’s… just really nice and non-threatening, motiveless. She’s a great person to hang out with – it’s like mingling with your sibling; a sister, I don’t feel restricted and uncomfortable (which means awkward in another term) because you don’t want them to see you overreacting to certain stuff that they don’t & have never, ever expect you to react that way.

She has this mature side of hers which is really observant, questions alot about the “loopholes” she has observed, reads plenty of news, has an opinionated point of view and justifies for them. But she also has this childlike side of her the way she reacts… to things! It’s just really hard to explain that until you get to know her. And she could easily chat you up on serious issues, let’s say current affairs, without you feeling that it’s boring and dull – that everything you say, your opinions are judged, but it’s more of a casual small talk with her and you feel that she’s accepting.

Back in the daycare center, we wrote letters to each other even though we see each other every day, even on weekends, but really short ones (for sure it’s less than 3 – 4 pages) and sneak these slips of papers into each other’s lockers (even though my locker was really stuffed since both my sister and I had to share one)! We doodle little dresses and outfits on papers when we pretend to be fashion designers. A couple of us friends role played as our favorite TV show characters (i.e. Winx), volunteered to roll out everyone’s mattresses just before naptime so mattresses are side to side, ate together during meals and tea break, played board games almost every other day, read books, etc. I forgot if Cass and I ever fought, rarely do. I think when we did, we could just apologize, forget all about it and it’s gonna be OK because those were the days when we were k-i-d-s.

Today, we met for a meal, followed by a horror movie. It was nice seeing her again, apart from chanced-upon times we see each other when we’re in school. I’d expect it to be a rather awkward encounter even though she’s my best friend because we haven’t met for so long and we hardly do ever talk on the phone, web or even on the social network. We know little of each other since we left the daycare center.

I remember I didn’t even used to have her mobile number in my basic old Nokia phone’s contact list back then, and even though the daycare center used to be the only form of communication link between my best friend and I, we knew each other more well than we do through any social networking means like tweets, Facebook feeds, Instagram pictures, etc.

But she’s still the same person as she is – slightly more towards the mature side now. I don’t know whether she sees me the same way as she did 9 years ago. I feel that she feels that I’ve changed. I don’t know if it’s for the better or worse; she could probably think I’m more image-conscious now, than I used to be and I’ve to admit that because it’s true. 

That’s it for now. It’s 1:30AM, 4th Sept – Bedtime! If I’m not drained out, I could go on typing a proper ending for this post. 


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