Daily Prompt: Ready for Your Close-up

Daily Prompt postCast the movie of your life.

I am a fan of movies and if I was given an opportunity to write a script for the movie of my life, I’d cast one which shows one’s breakthrough in life!

It’s like one of those movies where the main character pops up in the first scene of the film labelled as the loser of the class. It wasn’t just that label which matters because it boils down to how she sees herself on the interior than what others say about her exterior. She clearly realizes that if she’s not gonna do anything about that nasty talk and remains submissive to them, it’ll go on and on and it will affect her as time goes on (and it did). It’s not possible to turn a deaf ear to the talks people are making! You eventually slowly believe what others are saying about you when you do nothing at all to those remarks as much as you want to resist and believe that time will make it go away.


Bam, that’s when something big happen and most of (or all) the time, we change because circumstances force us to – which is why the “something big” was incorporated inside this movie of my life to make it seen as a more realistic encounter to this breakthrough.

Whether it’ll be a hit I don’t know. Maybe people could relate to it. I tell people about this as my personality and they’d say I’m not the only one. I don’t know if what they say are for the sake of a courtesy reply to the statement made or they might just be serious about it.



Maybe in the movie, I’ll cast a few more people who’re just really like the main character. It can be the truth that such other people in the world exist apart from the main character. And eventually they became best of friends – even though it might get alittle tricky to justify for how they’d become friends if the main character doesn’t like to talk much and… could seem alittle eccentric to others sometimes. These few people could make the breakthrough in their lives with the main character – that they’re not gonna sit quietly by the boat and agree politely to what others are saying about them, but to rock the boat this time.


That’d be the kind of movie I’d cast if there was an opportunity!

But it won’t be easy to make a breakthrough in the charts because of an ordinary plot which is rather overused in alot of movies and books – they enjoy casting an Average Joe who lives his life every day on his own but describes his life in such details which makes his life appear to be alot more interesting and extraordinary than what it really is like, rather than a typical High School girl of the Sorority; school belle; who lives her life… just like a normal teenager, “what young people always do!” they say.


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