The Vacation.

I went to work today in the Pharmacy for the position. I wanted to try something different and this was the position I applied for, as an Assistant at the backend of it. It has been a hectic day and really, it’s been a long time ever since I felt this tired. It’s physically and mentally-draining but nevertheless, the job gets alittle easier and much better the more & the longer you do it.

The kickstart to this holiday term is definitely the trip to Universal Studio Singapore (USS) with the best people whom I’m thankful to have know them! From the first day of our Freshman Orientation, to choosing the common specialization whilst keeping in contact with the others, then to graduating. It won’t be all that fun without them! And Far Far Away is a paradise!

Shrek (and it’s sequels) is like the best fairy tale movie. The visuals are so surreal and beautiful; it’s just different from the effects used on other cartoons / animated films like Rapunzel, even in 3D.

The traits and actions of the characters are easily – relateable and Shrek & Fiona are like the model couple of all the other fairytales! Their relationship crudely spits the practical problems faced by modern day’s couples. For instance, a scene in one of the sequels showed how Shrek was having nightmares of taking care of babies after Fiona mentioned to him about having one on their own.

The film(s) showed the aftermath of the “happily ever after” – not merely closing the plot with 2 ogres and 1 donkey living happily ever after forever. Critics described the film “… as an animated film worthy of adult interest, with many adult-oriented jokes and themes but a simple enough plot and humor to appeal to children“. Like the best of both worlds, that’s why I love it!

That’s the critique part on the movie. But Far Far Away is certainly my favorite place in USS! It’s a gorgeous wonderland – the front gates and castle-like building, the crown-shaped fountain.

The details are amazing – they had this Fairy Godmother billboard on top of a building, which was exactly as how I remember that the movie had it as well! They had shops lined up at the side and palm trees along middle of the road which was depicted like the town of Lord Farquaad’s kingdom; where Shrek rode on Donkey along those roads into the palace.

Even though heat was intensely concentrated on that area in the entire theme park and the sun rays would make your eyes squint so much, I will not mind it at all to stay alittle longer to explore the beautiful sculptures there if time permits!

It’s been 7 years since I visited the last theme park which has already shut down its premises. Visiting a theme park again, especially this theme park, is just unreal.


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