The Rat Race


Did you ever think you are running in a rat race?

From the moment you wake up it’s so fast paced.

You go from one thing to another lickety split,

How can you be so out of shape, so… unfit.

Even at lunch you eat in gulps, slogging the food down in bites,

Thinking only of getting back to the grind and the daily fights.

Then back to the beat of hurry up and go fast,

The seconds are working away as the day will not last.

Then the work at the office is over and you think you are done,

You first have to get home, cook the supper and then maybe fun?

You sit like a lump in front of a giant screen television set,

Watching show after show, and to the frig, a beer to fetch.

Then its off to bed, brain dead , your body so…

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