Daily Prompt: A House Divided

Daily Prompt postPick a divisive issue currently in the news. Write a two-part post in which you take on two personas and approach the topic from both sides.

Recently, I’ve been watching a number of PETA videos on YouTube and watching more of those intrigues you to start doing something about the situation, but you don’t know how you’re gonna start doing it. Like a few months ago, I was talking about how I wanted to go vegan and blogged an entry about my first attempt eating like a vegan for a day, then I stopped eating like a vegan from then on.

Persona A: I used to think there was nothing wrong with eating meat (although my opinion has changed, I still do consume a considerable amount of meat every day in my meals). I used to believe doing one’s part for the Planet – specifically Global Warming & Climate Change has nothing to do with whether we’re eating meat or not though I’ve heard about how the meat we eat everyday indirectly causes more greenhouse gas emissions.

A couple of years ago when I was like 14/15, I used to think I put in my utmost efforts into doing my part for the Planet and that was it; which probably I could have done more and I do want to do more when I grow older but the commitment started to deplete even though it was never expected. What I did wasn’t anything extraordinary as compared to the true environment enthusiasts of my age at that point of time.

I segregated the recyclable items from the trash whenever I’m about to dispose something and accumulated it in a bag, then brought out the bag of recyclable items in the morning of the date when someone in the Town Council will come and collect it, once every 2 weeks or a month. When I was a kid, I was proud of myself when I kept to a simple promise not to use the heater in shower for days and it got on my nerves when someone left the lights or the heater on after they’ve finished using it.

I was happy doing it because I feel my worth. Come to think about it, that was the only thing I felt proud of myself in the past because I wasn’t really good at anything back then.

Because I didn’t used to have so many things I yearned for in the past (for instance; music, idols, movies, things, friends… as well, etc.), so whenever I was asked to mention something about myself, I’d tell them I love Earth and I just want everyone to do their part for the Planet.

I wanted to be an environmentalist – only to realize it wasn’t an occupation, but individuals who actively participate in forms of environmental movement. The closest thing I could consider studying which was related to the environment and sustainable energy was either engineering or design. The usernames I’ve created over the Internet were related to Earth – like earthxD, greenearth, earthhugger, etc. You could guess the origin of my personal email address. The quote I used to quote all the time was, “The earth does not belong to man, man belongs to the earth” – which I didn’t know who I quoted it from and claimed that it was from Anonymous, but it was then realized the quote comes from a man named Chief Seattle.

And this is the full quote:

I have obsessions for my favorite idols now; while you could say I used to have an obsession with Planet generally in the past? It is rather weird if I think of it as an obsession, but I can consider it as a good one because it was more of giving back and a desire & commitment to give back more to Mother Earth, than depriving the good out of the Planet and eventually, ourselves as well – as mentioned in the quote; “All things are connected … Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does it to himself.

Back to the point,

Persona B: I’ve never thought going vegan could be that difficult. Going vegan just automatically makes me think of beans and nuts as the staple diet of every vegan. Yes, rice is my staple diet, so is meat because it’s the side dish which must go with staple dish. Beans and nuts aren’t pleasant-tasting food if you’ve got to eat that as a staple dish, not as a snack anymore.

Becoming a vegan involves alot of effort and determination – not anyone can do it, like I find it really difficult now because I lack of so much commitment since the time I was 14/15 and I used to find joy and the enthusiasm in doing the simplest things for the Planet I regarded its existence. But it’s not entirely the same anymore in this case because it’s not simple. I was advised maybe I should start small and eat lesser meat then later slowly getting rid of eating meat, than to just turn down it completely. Or just consume fish, like a Pescatarian instead of a vegan.

PETA may have exaggerated certain cases of animal killing in their videos to capture maximal attention from its audience. But still, the truth is that, even though these are probably the only few special psycho cases, it’s a fact that these “few” cases did happen and it’s not an reenactment or a skit which fake animals are used.

Something I found it significant in one of the videos by PETA is that they emphasized that the acts of Man took over God’s intention of creating us – living things in general. In summary, it talked about how these animals (in particular – chickens), never grew up to catch a glimpse of the outside world and go about farms and places they should grew up in, which God has intended all living things to do so, but instead, because of the acts of Man, they’re trapped within the four walls, some tortured and ready to be killed as our food. I don’t know, God could probably has intend Men to eat the animals as meat, but he might not have planned Men to do it to this sort of extreme extent.

But all around the world, we face a growing population who can’t starve because then it’d be another problem to tackle, and massive number of people who grow up patronizing fast food restaurants for their burgers and patties (one of whom is me). I have the option of eating less / no meat at all because it’s not like meat is the only thing which is available in the supermarket. There’s a great variety of vegan food out there which is within my reach as well, why shouldn’t I do so…


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