Daily Prompt: State of Your Year

Daily Prompt postWrite up a mid-year “State of My Year” post.

I begin this year with my new year’s resolutions – which is simply to graduate and to pursue a course of study I love. I’ve been thinking about it really hard for a really long time and apparently, I never knew you could get into this sort of stress and conflict with yourself between whether it’s something I’ve always wanted to do, or is it just an impulse decision because of recency. But I’ve still got the other half of the year to ponder about this.

Most of the time, I’m afraid to make decisions to end up regretting on those in time to come. But I understand that if you choose to accept and embrace the good in something instead of thinking about how bad it can get and assuming that it’ll turn out well for you if you pick the latter decision, I think you won’t regret the initial decision made.

To sum up mid-2013:-

I had my internship from February to April – which I find it a positive experience. I’d consider so because I met genuine and friendly people along the way, which I feel it will make my day alot better than fretting over the miscelleneousness level of the tasks assigned to me. People of different positions / rankings in the company show appreciation to your efforts even towards the simplest tasks which carry little weight and they recognize you as part of their team even though you could be less significant, it really makes it.

Then I returned back to school, which I was looking forward to after internship at that point of time. Then the semester goes on. And today marks the end of the group project-presentation frenzy that has been going on for a month! It’s not easy working other people, some of us just makes it more difficult for the others. Personally, sometimes I do as well. While there are also others who make it really pleasant to work with! 


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