Daily Prompt: Back to School

Daily Prompt postIf you could take a break from your life and go back to school to master a subject, what would it be?

If I could go back to Secondary School and master the one subject all over again, it would be Science.

I had different feelings towards the subject Science in my primary school and secondary school days. I love Science back in primary school because it marks my first exposure to a series of unusual facts and explanations for the literal things that happened around me (i.e. rain) and in me as well (i.e. human body).

Well, it used to be a great subject until I proceed on to Secondary School and I learnt about Physics and Chemistry – which was just a massive spam of illogical technical terms and diagrams of ions and molecules and then from then on, Science didn’t seem interesting and fun anymore. Also, especially since Physics start to involve Math in it with calculations for electricity and energy, etc., my interest for Science just plunged all the way down when my Physics grade got worse.

Then why would I want to master the subject – Science again? At several points of my life – the time when I was a kid and a few years back when I was choosing my course of study after graduation, I wanted to study something related to medicine, like pharmateatical science, dentistry or optometry (even though I don’t have really excellent eyesight and/or perfect, healthy teeth and gums) ; but you see, the path I’ve chosen depict otherwise and I studied Business instead.

Now I feel that – if I’ve had studied Science seriously and scored a grade which would make me think that I could probably excel in that subject, I’d have go on and pursue that field of study. Actually, I wish I’ve taken every single subject back in secondary school seriously.

Back then, I thought I’ve had put in enough hard work to score me a decent grade to move on to a better school and I don’t understand why I didn’t get what I wanted. There was alot of “study smart” tactics used in secondary school syllabus. I’m never good at “studying smart”, that’s why I’ve always held the belief that the amount of hard work and effort you put in, the same amount of results you’ll get.

At this point of time, I don’t think I have bellowed in regrets for the path I’ve chosen. “You lose some, you gain some” – and what I’ve gained could probably help me to smooth out the paths that I’ll choose in the future.


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