Daily Prompt: Singular Sensation

Daily Prompt postIf one experience or life change results from you writing your blog, what would you like it to be?

I would say now; right at this moment. Writing about life just makes you feel better about life. Writing my blog makes me feel slightly fuller about life – especially writing up something every day.

At least I know I have feelings and opinions about various stuff happening in my life and the world I live in. In reality, I don’t see myself as an opinionated person. The subconscious part of me basically causes me to go with whatever others say and ended up adopting others’ opinions as mine. At least I know something worth thinking is going through my mind every single day when I blog. Whether it’s blogging or any forms of writing, it allows me to keep track of my life throughout the days, months and years.

It’s not easy to be consistent in blogging – back in a few years; one moment, I was consistently blogging about the people in my life and spurs of different emotions. Then it stopped for awhile, for a long while until I deleted it because I soon found nothing to write about.

Then surely there’s that something; that “one experience or life change” which causes me to start a blog again. I started out this blog; writing about Lana Del Rey (10 days of LDR Challenge) because I simply enjoy sourcing pictures and words by my favorite artist then writing about why I love those. Then subsequently, I begin to talk about my vacation job, then school reopened, exams and then internship. But there’re alot of negativity in those. That used to be my trigger to starting this blog – but it’ll be a complete letdown to use this as an inspiration as to why I write my blog.

Isn’t it difficult for one to exploit his/her happiness and joyful moments as a trigger to write a blog? When there’s this gush of thrill and joy going through my mind, I find it so hard to write about my thoughts because I am not thinking when I’m experiencing that delirious state of mind.


6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Singular Sensation

  1. You remind me of so many of the students I taught in my teaching experience. I taught middle school for forty years. But enough of me, I suggest you concentrate on you to get things to write about. The internet is a great tool. It accesses so many different cultures, thoughts and places to explore. Years ago they used pen pals. Now it is immediate. Search for blog sphere for people of all ages and ask them to respond to questions. What is a typical day in their life like? You will be amazed at what is out there. Good luck, Barry


    • Hi Barry, thanks for your advice; appreciate it. True that the internet tool exposes us to a wide range of perspectives on various things and it could be a great inspiration of writing.


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