Daily Prompt: Barter System

Daily Prompt postIf the world worked on a barter system, how would you fare? Would you have services to barter? Would you be successful, or would you struggle?

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

If I had to exchange something of no use to me to something of value to me (but of no use to the other party), I think the system would make it great.

After “money” came into the picture of our existence, those notes and coins seem to contain a greater value than things which used to have a certain form of value in the past when the barter system was adopted.

Everything used to have a value and money had no value when people were just satisfied with what they could exchange, and now it’s the opposite. Anything we have to offer to a stranger or to buy from him/her, the medium of exchange consciously comes to us as cold-hard cash.

Successful or a struggle?

Probably a struggle when you’re the breadwinner of the family, especially really big families. I am not certain of how the barter system handles salaries paid to employees for their work. However, if it’s managed the same way as the common sales transactions, maybe alot of considerations will have to go into considering whether the salary becomes something of value; not just to you, but also your family of 4 or more.


6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Barter System

  1. It’s not only about things you don’t want, but also about services of which you have an endless supply– wisdoms, skills, and talents. All that becomes your cold hard cash.

    Of course, feeding a large family is hard, no matter what system we’re using. 🙂


    • Yes, we can have endless supply of services like wisdom, etc. But if these services serve no value to the other party (but only us), those can’t be exchanged for cash, I meant literal cash notes & coins.

      Cash has a definite, certain value to it. I feel that it makes things alot easier and less confusion in our different perceptions of value; if salaries are paid this way.


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