Daily Prompt: Rolling Stone

Daily Prompt postIf you could live a nomadic life, would you? Where would you go? How would you decide? What would life be like without a “home base”?

If this decision I make doesn’t bind me down for the rest of my life, I’d say I would! And this topic reminds me of one of my favorite childhood books; The Swiss Family Robinsons.

The tale made surviving in the wildlife seem so adventurous and just really cool (!) if you come to think about it – all the natural resources they need for their basic necessities and materials to mend the ship are all found in that one island; coincidentally, the island in which their ship has wrecked. But it’s still a beautiful tale.

However, if I had to choose between staying at home or either going nomadic for the rest of my life, it’ll be a tough nut to crack. Willpower, interdependence and courage – the few personality traits which I find, are the most difficult traits to nurture overtime.

And if I become nomad overnight or so, will I easily build up those personality traits mentioned over the shortest period of time, or will the rest of those traits just deplete off, and then I just basically gave up on life and die?

Where would I go? I don’t know! If most of the lions and the other wildlife animals have been more human-friendly, South Africa sounds good! Maybe again, Alaska? Nevada if I had a car and I know how to drive – the desert roads will be traveled at ease. Then some of the beautiful cities in the world – Monte Carlo to Monaco, Venice & then France!

If you had a home. why would you want to live a nomadic life?” – that’s the whole point of the post I think. If I had to stay outside home for at least a day, it’s normal to say I hate to spend a night in a foreign environment.

Home in this generation has become the root which literally ‘binds’ the family together because of the minimal time we spend with our families; as compared to the time on external factors – on other clients’ work, school work, projects, busy schedules, etc. Home is the common Haven everyone returns to at the end of the day.

Life without a “home base” seems like a disastrous thought – ever since I moved to another place a few months ago and my emotions weren’t quite adaptable to the new place ’cause I was thinking about the place I’d stayed for the past 18 years of my life over again and again. But these are inevitable changes in my life which we think it might not impact us to a large extent, but I guess these changes do shape us in a way.

But if it takes forsaking a “home base” (not family) to make me a stronger person and actually “forces” me in a positive way to commit to the values and principles I hold onto but not actually fulfilling it (like e.g. going vegan), I will!


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