Daily Prompt: Tables Turned

Daily Prompt postAre as comfortable in front of a camera as behind one? Being written about, as well as writing?

In my opinion, it’ll always be more comfortable being behind the camera than to be infront of it. I think that I feel better to be the one creating the art and all that work, instead of the one being part of the artwork.

Having to say that, there’s no denial that for the ones at the back scenes, their efforts are very much less recognizable than the ones on the frontline. It’s like watching a movie – logically, the cast of the movie leaves us with a deeper impression and significance than the ones behind the movie because they expresses the work of the back scenes.

Nevertheless, the perks both parties get is the sense of fulfillment attained from the work creation because it takes one to complement the other. Likewise, whether the back scene’s efforts are being praised highly by the general audience or not, it’s always nice to feel that all that work done is actually visible to them and gets recognized somehow – even if it’s not directed at me.

Relating back to the topic, I’ve never been fond of having my pictures taken, especially candid shots! But I don’t hate photography – pictures / photographs could tell alot more things than a paragraph of words. And having to make your own deductions and implications from an image taken real-life makes it even more meaningful.

Being written about or being the one writing? Writing about other seems great; provided if the person doesn’t read it if you added something nasty about him / her. I think I would want to be written about.

Ironically, as much as I hate to visualize and think of how bad an impression I made in the perception of others, I’d like to read about myself in their perspectives of me; but written down in words – not in speech or in any other forms. This could be why letters tend to be so lengthy – written words can express so much more than the things we can and we’re able to tell someone.. Although the tone of your voice is not emphasized so much in written words, there’s still so much truth and realness in writing alone.


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