Daily Prompt: 21st Century Citizen

Daily Prompt post: Do you belong in this day and age? Do you feel comfortable being a citizen of the 21st-century? If you do, explain why — and if you don’t, when in human history would you rather be?

I’ve been wanting to blog about things which are somehow related to this topic for quite sometime, ever since recently I’ve been listening to stories from old people, and even my own parents, about what was it like to live in their generation and some of them did mention about their grievances.

Then it made me think of whether I’m living life the way I want it, then would it be sticking close to my values, principles and the commitments I set for myself personally? But eventually, most, or even all the time, I ended up not abiding to them as much as I do want to honor all of them. I also wondered how it would be like if I (with my present personality and everything else remains) existed in one of the earlier generations instead.

Whether I do belong to this day, I don’t know yet. If I didn’t belong to this day, would I have belonged to any one of the earlier generations?


I’ve thought life would have been worst if I have to live in the earlier times. Whether it’s political issues, cultural or social norms, our society has become more accepting and judging at the same time. And I guess many of us would agree that it’s nice to live in times where there’s a lot more freedom to an individual’s rights, as compared to the right restrictions people of the earlier generations once had. People have generally become more outspoken in their opinions and this freedom rights plays a big part in this.

I feel that I should be satisfied, having to live in the 21st-century age. Computers, hand phones with plenty of functions apart from dialing numbers, and many other things are being invented. That’s why I can be typing down and blogging my thoughts and perspectives onto a blog. Besides that, I get to know of extraordinary inventions human beings have come up with – which people in the past may think that these inventions just beyond the specs of the human brain and impossible.

On the community and society’s side, we have become more aware and active in different issues and concerns like the environment, animal abuse, embracing and accepting LGBT, people with mental illness / disorders, the physically-disabled in our society, etc. The revolution is great and definitely I hope to be part of it someday; even though I am nowhere near yet. However, we also witness the price to pay for the fortune we enjoy – like global warming, greater variety and spread of diseases and illnesses and strange phenomenons resulting from over-exploitation.

Otherwise, if I’m asked whether I’d choose to live in the 21st-century or 100 years in the future or so, I think I would want to pick 100 years in future. Having to travel to the future will be a scary thing for sure – to adapt in the world around you as not the world you used to live in. It could turn out better, or worse… but likely to be better with all the advancements we have now at this age. But I’m still curious to know it.


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